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Striking Looks 4
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Portia Avery
Holistic Healer, Owner of Mother's Touch Massage
Spark of Life | Striking Looks | Presence 4 | Primal Marks
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Temperance Walker [NPC]
When people think of Verbena sometimes they think of the loving life and do no harm kind of people. And while those exist, there was also Temperance. A willworker of hereditary decent, shes is the Red Priest a priest that is responsable for the safety of their coven...from healing to defense. She is kind, but definately had bite and not afraid to do her job even if it meant shedding blood. After all, blood makes the grass grow.

Dr Walker is a pediatric doctor and a few parents have had to learn the hard way that mistreatment of children tended to end badly for them.
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