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Celestial Chorus

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Jacob "Kelvin" Caulfield
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Michael Wyatt
Michael stands at a tall 6'4", with broad and powerful shoulders supporting his defined muscular frame. Despite his imposing posture, Michael's facial features are almost always soft and caring, complimented by his crystal blue eyes, that shine with power and strength, and his blonde flowing hair. The only thing to mar his face being the long scar trailing down from his left ear across his cheek.
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Seth Wyatt [NPC]
There was a quiet intensity about him. He rarely pushed his belief down others throats, though he holds the awakened to a higher standards. His eyes say alot and his belief is strong as a Knight of St. George he feels its his duty to keep humanity protected from supernatural creatures and has no issues fighting along side a woman or non christian.
Owner of Bygone bestiary, a medieval weapons shop and smithy.
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