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This creature looks like something from a popular tv show. In fact it was stolen from an earlier thing in arabian history and superimposed upon a Djinn.

In fact it's not a Djinn, a Djinn is something completely different. The tattoos are blue his eyes are blue, he looks arabic much like his attached person but he is not that person he is part of his spirit self.
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The Arctic Wolf
It's very presence is like an icy storm. Sometimes appearing as a constellation of stars, sometimes a snowbound wolf, the Arctic Wolf is the Spirit Guide of Sylvester.
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The Shadow
The Shadow behind the throne, spy, the assassin, the secret police, the shadowy figure who lurks in our minds but is never seen, both a figure of fear and a figure of romance, to some the Shadow has become a symbol of oppression who keeps others in line through fear, but even in this he feeds the imagination and wonder of those around him. Unlike the New World Order, who seek control, the Shadow both terrifies and inspires all at once!
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