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Adanna "Brenna" McBrenna
Sometimes called Meltdown due to her demolitions knowledge. True Fianna Firecracker.
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Anneliese Gehrant
The girl is short, maybe 5 feet tall with deep grey eyes against pale skin with a bit of a tan and a few freckles. Dark hair waves down her back to her hips. Her build is solid, no one would probably think of slender as the first word to describe her. She's one that has curves that hide definite strength, soft looks that hide the hardness in her. Despite her coloring, her ancestors' glory is easy to see in her features, easy to pick out. She usually wears boots and straightforward, tough clothing.

(Fenrir PB3
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Arran Meyers
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Evony Gerhant
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Gabriel Carnivale
Tribe: Shadow Lord (Pure Breed 3)
Notable Merits/Flaws: Concentration, Hard of Hearing
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Jesse Wisse
Us Marshal.
Mate to Horseman
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Joseph Taylor
Tribe: Fianna (Pure Breed 1)
Mate: Chavali "Silent Banshee" Tzigana
Notable Merits: Blood of the Wolf, Danger Sense, Wheelman
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Madison Cosima Windsor
Concept: Natural Linguist, Double Major - Psychology and Art


Madison is noticeable, perhaps, in that she takes every precaution to not be noticed. When in a crowd, she remains on the fringe. She seems to rarely speak, and if she does it is in a soft alto that falls pleasantly against the ear with a placid calm and a cultured British accent.

Her features are lovely, refined and pale. They rarely display anything more than an aloof, boreal reticence. Her wide eyes are the cornflower blue of a cloudless summer sky. They are bright with a keen intellect few would even notice due to her often downcast gaze obscured beneath a fringe of dark lashes. Her one concession to boldness was in the application of cosmetics. Her style trends toward the glamor of a forgotten era of Hollywood: porcelain air spun powder, classic red lipstick, eye shadow that shimmers, and a swoop of expertly applied eyeliner.

Her heavy curtain of honey blonde hair is of indeterminate length, styled into a simple chignon and secured with a multitude of hairpins that keep its mass aloft. Although the luxuriant strands shimmer in just the right lighting, resplendent with natural highlights in every imaginable hue of gold, a glacial chill in her demeanor discourages others from invading her personal space to explore its mysteries.

Her petite frame is of slender, sylphlike proportions with a waist that could easily be spanned by a large pair of masculine hands; however, her somber manner of dress attempts to disguise her curvesome figure by means of expert tailoring. Any jewelry or accessory worn is more often than not meant for function over adornment and unostentatious in its presentation.

She is removed from the society in which she was reared where custom and tradition once dictated her every decision. Unfortunately, the trappings of one's bloodline can only be ignored for so long and she soon expects Destiny to come calling.
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