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Adanna "Brenna" McBrenna
Sometimes called Meltdown due to her demolitions knowledge. True Fianna Firecracker.
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Anneliese Gehrant
The girl is short, maybe 5 feet tall with deep grey eyes against pale skin with a bit of a tan and a few freckles. Dark hair waves down her back to her hips. Her build is solid, no one would probably think of slender as the first word to describe her. She's one that has curves that hide definite strength, soft looks that hide the hardness in her. Despite her coloring, her ancestors' glory is easy to see in her features, easy to pick out. She usually wears boots and straightforward, tough clothing.

(Fenrir PB3
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Channa David
Pure Breed 5 Shadow lord.
Striking Looks 2
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Evony Gerhant
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Nick Walker
This six foot scruffy man has a quick wit about him and a quicker tongue that gets him into trouble as often as it makes him a good deal. Able to roll with the punches, quite literally in some cases, he can charm his way out of most altercations with a colloquial quip and a bloody smile.

That charm, however, is more powerful than even he knows. It draws the denizens of the shadows to him, and with them, strange occurrences he can't comprehend. Often bringing him to run from the darkness to the light of bliss all ignorant mortals know.

Striking Looks 2 (Rugged)
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