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The Fera

Lily Dawe
Gull of War.
Jack Daw
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Lyra Clements
Homid Corax
Rank: Oviculum (Cliath)
Faction: Chaser

Owner/Operator of Curious Barman Garage in Pioneer Square
Professional Listener and Troublefinder
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Penny the Wise
Penny has a young and youthful seeming. She appears as a woman in her early twenties with the flush of life in her skin. Her hair is generally dark and she favors dramatic makeup, emulating something akin to a light Goth style without being too counter-culture. Penny especially favors dramatic eye makeup and other minor decorative touches, like painted nails or lipstick.

Penny is trim with an hourglass figure, standing more or less at an average height of 5'06" and weighing in at 130 lbs. Her muscles are lightly defined and she's lithe more than bulky, with a healthy constitution to match. Penny is extremely flexible and double-jointed which allows her to contort her body in ways that would be extremely uncomfortable or damaging to others.

She dresses simply; usually jeans and a tee with a jacket to ward off the Seattle winters when it gets cold out. Her clothing usually includes a chain or lace decoration, a form of 'web' even when she's away from her own.

Penny's social mannerisms can be a little off at times. Staring for too long, sitting too still, not getting a joke or bit of pop culture reference (or using one inappropriately). It often comes off as amusing, ditzy, or charming depending on the listener and due to the pheromones she's constantly emitting. Despite her looks, when sitting still, Penny is deceptively easy to miss when scanning a room.

Like all her kind, Penny's anatomy is different from a humans and an x-ray will turn up unusual shadows. She also possesses vestigial fangs and pedipalps inside her mouth for drinking blood.

In Lillian form, Penny stands nearly eight feet tall, with a spider-taur style body. From the waist up, she's mostly human in shape, though her arms elongate and her fingers grow sharp claws. Extra eyes likewise ring her head and her jaws grow spider-like pedipalps next to her mouth. From the waist down, she has the body of a spider, with six arachnid legs. Her weight increases to nearly 200 lbs.
(Diff 6; Claw Str +2, Bite Str +1)

In Pithus form, Penny is an enormous Wolf Spider. Brown fur covers her body. Her venom tends to paralyze rather than outright kill, though this is of little enough comfort, as she enjoys saving food for later. Against mundane humans or animals, the wounds inflicted by her venom will begin to necrotize if her prey survives and will likely kill the person later. She's roughly the size of a small car with long legs and weighs in at 500 lbs.
(Diff 7; Claw Str +2, Bite Str +3)

In Crawlerling form, Penny breaks down into a mass of hundreds to a thousand wolf and brown recluse spiders.

Mechanics: Appearance 4; Sex Appeal Merit
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Talia Demir 'asura the sea of flame'
Fame 4
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[Bastet] Suliman Tarek
Deed Name: Walks-the-Westward-Path
Tribe: Bubasti
Rank: Aka (Fostern)
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[Corax] Benedict Vincente
Rank: Neocornix (Fostern)

Investigative journalist, son of Helios, all-around smartass.
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