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Allen Reed [NPC]
Deed Name: Brother-of-Ravens
Auspice: Theurge
Rank: Adren

Position: None
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Dorian Graves
Dorian has a youthful face; having spent half his life as a Garou now, his regeneration has kept him looking healthier and thus younger than his thirty plus years would indicate. His hair is generally dark and kept short in a loose spiked look while he typically eschews facial hair, only growing it when the mood strikes. His eyes are a different matter in that a person meeting them can see the weight of experiences he's had between Chicago, the Amazon, and his subsequent flight to Seattle.

Dorian is trim like most werewolves and powerfully built. He doesn't bulge with strength; he's Bruce Lee versus Arnold Schwarzenegger. His body is hardened with tight cords of muscle and tendon, the relative lack of body fat giving him a lean, predatory look rather than being scrawny.

Dorian favors simple, practical attire. He normally sports hiking boots with metal welded onto the heels and tops, jeans or BDU's, and simple tee shirts or hooded sweatshirts. He doesn't wear body armor, disliking how it reduces his mobility, relying on his Garou toughness to see him through battles. He usually has a knife or three on him, also usually concealed. Dorian knows how to use firearms and is proficient with them but favors hand to hand combat. He's a keen shot with a bow as well.

He's polite but reserved, his introverted personality making him slow to open up to others. Dorian is not shy, however, and is perfectly capable of being assertive when an issue he cares about is called up. His Rage boils close to the surface despite his efforts to spiritually balance it and the Curse renders him largely incapable of normal interactions with most humans. His animal magnetism and good breeding ease his social interactions but they can still be a challenge.

In Crinos, Hispo, and Lupus forms, Dorian possesses black fur and is extremely fast due to his Long-Runner Merit.

Mechanics: Appearance 3, Animal Magnetism, Pure-Breed 2
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Erik Samuelson
Deed Name: Bastion-of-Will
Auspice: Galliard
Rank: Fostern

Position: Guardian Pack, Emerald City Waypoint
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