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Baron Desmond Durstan ap Ailil
The Sidhe was pushing grump; known to humans as a former soap star. Now, a war hero.

SL 4.
Fame 1
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Duchess Tamzin Fireheart ni Danaan
SL4 [SL6]

Not a lot was known of the Noble beauty, but one thing was certain. She was not Sidhe though she inspired fear and awe, and seemed to have a strong connection with Dragons.
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Eliza Sommerset
Troll bodyguard to the former duke, labeled a terrorist because of her attack on the new duke. She is believed to be hiding out somewhere on the Olympic Peninsula.
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Ishmael Hawthorne
Skilled boggan alchemist and master brewer who started his coffee shop just outside Pike Place about the same time as a certain other coffee shop chain began
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Lord Roman Dawn ap Varich
Though he could pass for a model, Roman was a composure of music and taught at one of the music schools down town. He was a very stoic man, cool and composed. Calculating. Always calculating. He saw battle fields like orchestras and new how to play the drums of war.

SL 2
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Skald Sif Thorsdottier ni Aesin
She came from the lands of the Ice and snow, could sing the tales of old. A beautiful ice beauty and strange mix of sidhe and Barbarian. She could be quiet and watchful, or loud and boisterous depending on the mood you caught her in. But one thing was for certain, the Skald could fight as beautifully as she looked, and was a testament to the men who went a viking thousands of years ago.
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Thane Brenden Thorne ni Fiona
The Grump Troll was not nearly as tall as the one he was often with, Garrett. Instead he was around 9ft and a bit thinner. But he was cunning and fearless.
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Thane Garrett Wisse ap Ailil
The Troll was huge, towering at, at least 12ft Tall and as wide as a brick house. He tended to travel with the Baron Desmond Durstan of the same house, and carried a Warhammer with a pike on the end of it.
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