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Ash Hart
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Meghan Cavanagh
Kith: Clurichan
Court: Seelie
Notable Merits: Barfly, Brownie's Boon, Fame 2

A name well known in the tattoo artist circles (and some parts of the general public, thanks to some quality news coverage), Meghan Cavanagh moved from New York City to Seattle in August 2017 to set up a parlor of her own to work her magic in. Her skill with an tattoo gun is impressive enough, but she is best known for two quirks of the trade: her insistence that her client doesn't watch her while she works, and her almost uncanny ability to know JUST what design her client really needs.

Among the Kithain, Meghan is known to be a potent oracle, her near-mastery of the Soothsay Arts aiding both her own craft and the freehold that she claims loyalty to.
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Reynard Sionnach
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Rusty Callahan
Pooka (Rufous Hummingbird Affinity)
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