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Out of Character - A place to discuss game or just friendly chat. This is the out of character room, Please do not log in as your character, also please do not post links or use the page button
Story teller room - This room is for story lines, if you are not invited, do not enter.
Residence Room 1 - For scenes that take place in a residence, or other wise do not have anything to do with any of the other scenes.
Residence Room 2 - For scenes that take place in a residence, or other wise do not have anything to do with any of the other scenes.
Fremont - Head to this artsy, waterside enclave to snap a selfie with the iconic Fremont Troll and to enjoy the neighborhoods delicious offerings and free spirited charm. This room encompasses Meni Dumpling Tzar, Pacific Inn Pub, HA! , Fremont Sunday Market, Show Poney, Fremond Brewing, MiiR, Fremont Abby, Norms, Browers Cafe, and George & the dragon Pub
Queen Anne - Queen Anne - Directly north of Downtown Lower Queen Anne is a lively urban center which includes the Space Needle, Key Arena, Science Center, etc. while Upper Queen Anne is a prime residential neighborhood with historic houses, boutiques, and spectacular views. North Queen Anne, which faces Fremont, is home to Seattle Pacific University.
Waterfront - Against a backdrop of jaw dropping scenery, the waterfront is all about the walk-able fun: there are quirky shops, seafood eateries (of course) and the iconic express. This room encompasses Elliots Oyster House, Ye old Curiosity shop, Seattle Great Wheel, Washington state Ferries, Argosy Cruises and Wings over Washington.
Capital Hill - Just east of Downtown you can find colorful urban scenes where many streets boast a metropolitan buzz and others emanate a tree lined residential calm This the cities LGBTQ hub, but visitors are locals of all sorts flock to Capital Hill. This room encompasses Station 7, Castia International, Elliot Bay Book Company, Volunteer Park, Rock Box, Neumos, Century Ballroom, and Sun liqure
Downtown - The center of seattle is the home to everything from the glassy skyscrapers to historic brick buildings. Modern boutiques to flagship department stores and some of the countries hottest restaurants. This room encompass Pike Place Market, Nordstrom Flagship Store, the 6th Avenue Theater, The Shadowbox, the Benaroya Hall, the triple door and the chocolate box
Belltown - Teaming with top notch restaurants, bars and stores: Belltown is a bustling neighborhood just north of downtown that hums with activity day and night, Doesn't matter if your searching for the brunch spot or a nightclub, Belltown is the place to be. This room encompasses Local 320, Tavolata, The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co, Moorea Seal, Singles going steady, Olympic Sculpture park, the Jewel box theater at the Rendezvous and the Crocodile
Pioneer Square - Pioneer Square was originally the heart of the city in Seattle's early days. Now more then a century later the history neighborhood is bustling once again with historical brick buildings, notable restaurants and more. This room encompasses The London Plate, The Globe Bookstore, Arudel books, Magic Mouse Toys, Bill Speidels Underground Tour, and Occidental park
International District - Located east of Pioneer Square, the Chinatown-International District (also known as the CID) is the center of Seattle's Asian American community. It is home to a long-running night market, the Historic Chinatown Gate, the Kobe Terrace gardens, and a vast variety of shops, restaurants and museums that tap into the culture of the Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese people that call the neighborhood home.
Snoqualmie Falls - Snoqualmie Falls is a classic "Must See" for the Seattle area. Its only about half a hour from the city and features a 268 foot waterfall on the Snoqualmie River. Its a great way to Experience the grandness of the outdoors while remaining accessible for anyone who wants to check it out.
The House of Twilight [Mage Vetted ONLY] -
Waystation [Wolf] - Small caern located in Seattle's Industrial District, acting as an outpost for the Sept of the Emerald Heart and a node for local moon bridges.
Wayward Grounds [Mage] - Mage Estates though not the actual chantry
Temple of the Jade Magistrates [Wolf] - An older shinto shrine located in the northern part of the Internation District that serves as the source of power for the local representatives of the Emerald Courts
Takahashi Touma [Night]
The Emerald Citadel [Ling] - The Emerald Citadel is Smith Tower, the oldest skyscraper in Seattle, an opulent neoclassical structure that houses a cafe and observation deck at the top level which doubles as the Ducal court
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