No one is really down during downtime (Jibril Preparation)

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No one is really down during downtime (Jibril Preparation)

Post by Quaotik » Sat Apr 28, 2018 6:27 am

*Jibril knew the hard truth. He was not the most proficient magically. Hell it would take time for him to unweave the stuff Technocracy made. So he would have to go with basic stuff. Get tass, to fuel their strikes. And also get the tools for the brute force approach if shit went down completely wrong. Essentially it meant a forces user would have to amplify an emp to make all the electronics dead. And he would have to supply the tools to get into the lab break through the locks and get where they needed without electricity. Blackout and cut in approach helped sometimes when things went bad. Especially since most techocracy used techological tools you take their tools then they would be helpless. Problem was with some of those robots they'd have to open them in order to get them to shut down.*

*He went to different stores to get the parts he would need to make what he would need to to get the EMP going, plus to get the metal cutters and some basic controlled bombs. Not that he knew demolitions but one of his contacts did in technology.*

*He got off the phone with that dude and compiled the items. Okay bought in little amounts so he couldn't be tracked and with cash check. Got the chemicals needed for the bombs check. Got the Emp parts check. And he got the cutting torch parts.*

*He set forth for a number of hours just working on putting the parts together. One of the emps he scraped up but he managed to jury rig it to work right.*
(used high society ties for contacts)
Jibril Zahavi Manipulation + subterfuge 5 (No Rerolls) (Ones Botch) 10 9 10 8 10 Exceptional Success! (5)

for getting the parts he needs and quietly with the contacts and how to put them together.

Next two rolls are putting the items together. figure two torches maybe five EMPS. proximity bombs.

Jibril Zahavi Int+Technology 5 (No Rerolls) (Ones Botch) 5 2 5 2 7 Success! (1)
Jibril Zahavi Int+Technology 5 (No Rerolls) (Ones Botch) 2 1 8 4 5 Failure
Jibril Zahavi Int+Technology 5 (No Rerolls) (Ones Botch) 1 8 5 6 3 Success (1)
*As for getting the Tass, he worked at speaking with some spirits about it. He summoned some nearby spirits that were aligned more towards the lycans. Then he spoke to them letting them know he was trying to get some energy to aid them in turn. He would return one energy a month to each spirit and do a small commemoration to them while he owed them. He managed to speak to two spirits whom would agree. He got some energy from them and converted it into Tass putting the tass in a seperate bag on his person.*

*Words of power and proper sigils on the floor gave the spirits proper respect. Also he cleansed himself before working on it. He had his shirt off a pair of shorts on and he was chanting in the words of power to attract the spirits. His eyes open while he was working on gaining the energy.*
Jibril Zahavi Spirit 1 3 (No Rerolls) (Ones Botch) 6 3 2 Success! (1)
Jibril Zahavi Spirit 2 3 (No Rerolls) (Ones Botch) 9 9 9 Success! (3)
Jibril Zahavi Charsima+leadership 4 (No Rerolls) (Ones Botch) 6 3 9 9 Success! (3)

Jibril Zahavi Prime 3 Siphon 3 (No Rerolls) (Ones Botch) 6 5 2 Success ! (1)
Jibril Zahavi Prime 3 Siphon 3 (No Rerolls) (Ones Botch) 4 3 6; Second spirit
Jibril Zahavi Spirit 2 3 (No Rerolls) (Ones Botch) 10 9 5 Success! (2)

Jibril Zahavi Charisma + Leadership 4 (No Rerolls) (Ones Botch) 10 6 3 Success! (2),
Jibril Zahavi Prime 3 Siphon 3 (No Rerolls) (Ones Botch) 5 8 9 Success! (2)
Jibril Zahavi Prime 3 Siphon 3 (No Rerolls) (Ones Botch) 8 9 1 Success! (1)

(should be 5 tass to fuel for the fight and total 3 months to pay back which will be documented in journals should this be approved as it is.)

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