Counseling for the Spirits (Attn. Fox)

The center of seattle is the home to everything from the glassy skyscrapers to historic brick buildings. Modern boutiques to flagship department stores and some of the countries hottest restaurants. This room encompass Pike Place Market, Nordstrom Flagship Store, the 6th Avenue Theater, The Shadowbox, the Benaroya Hall, the triple door and the chocolate box
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Re: Counseling for the Spirits (Attn. Fox)

Post by Jakondite » Mon May 14, 2018 9:57 am

The air seems unusually cold. The static in the air is almost unmistakable.
Snow tried to think, and then closed her eyes. "I wish I could say. I mean, I'm not particularly interested in boys, per se, and I've not seen him before in the real world so I can't say that it represents anything specifically..."

She paused and then looked over to him, and said, "it feels silly these days, doesn't it? The Counseling. The checkups. I don't think I've had an episode in years, but my parents still insist on me doing this regularly. I get it, they are concerned about me, but it's stifling."

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Re: Counseling for the Spirits (Attn. Fox)

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Gabriel Carpenter
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"Fair enough." Gabriel nodded quietly. "Do you get the impression that you're training for something in particular, or more of a general 'keeping your skills up' sort of thing?"

"It has been a good while." He looked to Snow at that. "Is there something we could be doing during these sessions that you would find more...useful, I suppose?"

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