The Grand Masqurade Club Opening [Anyone]

Teaming with top notch restaurants, bars and stores: Belltown is a bustling neighborhood just north of downtown that hums with activity day and night, Doesn't matter if your searching for the brunch spot or a nightclub, Belltown is the place to be. This room encompasses Local 320, Tavolata, The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co, Moorea Seal, Singles going steady, Olympic Sculpture park, the Jewel box theater at the Rendezvous and the Crocodile
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Re: The Grand Masqurade Club Opening [Anyone]

Post by QuicksilverFox85 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:19 am

Per Jaling, Orion and Samandriel have exited the club so I'm posting again.

Jeremiah Hamilton
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Jeremiah gave a quiet nod at the gesture, slowing his pace towards the table by checking in with some of the guests to make sure they were enjoying themselves. He looked towards her as she sauntered up, catching a few jealous looks himself as she leaned in to kiss him and he returned it gladly.

He gave her hand a squeeze, nodding at the question. "I did, yes. Still curious to see how the other half lives here in comparison to how things were down south, as it were."

Dominic Sanabria
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Dominic smirked at the parting gesture, giving Mercy a nod as she stood. "And I you, madame. Buona notte."

He watched as the Ventrue moved to go speak with the prince and his ward, giving Madeline a polite nod as she started to head in the direction of her retainer. The fervent kiss between the two earned a small quiet smile before he went back to watching the room at large, pale green eyes taking in all the pertinent details and then some. The actual 'business' portion of the evening would be coming soon enough, and for the moment he was quite happy to sit and relax before having to deal with that mess...

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