My avalibity

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My avalibity

Post by fairfolk » Sun Mar 25, 2018 7:52 am

At the moment my Friday and Monday nights are...hard for me to get on, though I do for a few hours.

I work on Friday and Monday 2:45pm to 10 pm
Normally, I work Saturday and Sunday 10:45 to 6pm

(I THINK I am PDT, we just moved from Georgia so I'm still acclimating to it)

Tues, Wends and Thurs I am pretty open but I try not to be on prior to 6 pm but I am open to being on earlier.

That said, if you see me in a scene with someone else and you want to play : ASK me. Sometimes I can double and I am okay with that. Sometimes I can't but I am open to being asked. And no, your scene wont suffere and I wont take a million years to type (unless I am parenting. Then Ill take forever but I will try to work you)

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