Forum scenes and potenial forum changes

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Forum scenes and potenial forum changes

Post by fairfolk » Fri May 25, 2018 12:50 am

I've been trying to write this for a few days and I can't seem to find a way to express it well. So I am going to do my level best.

This site is -not- a play by post site. The forums are a necessary evil in my book. I absolutely loath scenes done in the forums for several reasons, 1...I always feel harassed when it comes to forums. People like to poke me even when I am at work, to post on forums, or when I just get on. No one seems to want to read the rules about forums and feel they can just let me know they posted as if my time is only dedicated to this site. They would be wrong. 2. Forum posts take to long, something that can be done in a few hours often takes days if not weeks to complete. I have had to ask people to close scenes because they where holding up story lines and thus other people. And 3 because once you get to a certain point and the forum has lapped over into 3 or more start missing stuff and I can easily get confused and if there is one thing I hate, and will piss me off faster then anything else..that's getting confused in something that should be easy.

The above things are inevitable with players. Its not necessarily that players seek to harass a player to post..scenes do stall and that does tend to put even me off, people get to where they aren't in the mood to post. So they don't and then forget. Which means a post stalls or is dropped. But ultimately the forums will take forever for a scene to be in.

Now, I am noticing that people -aren't- asking to play on chat with people that are CLEARLY online at the time, or should be on line as we have all posted our times available.

Then we have the next problems:

People are doing more then ONE scene with a SINGLE character which bogs up the time line.

Now, I know that we can't all get on line at the same time and if you see you are going to miss us by the times available then doing a scene is fine. Social, whatever.

But chat takes priority, please...try the chat first.
Ask people if they would mind being stuck in a forum scene that might take weeks.

A lot of sites freeze characters who are in even forum scenes, I don't like doing that but it is getting to a point that its interfering , getting confusing as people start to play in more then one social forum scene..I might start freezing people in scenes. So I request that people start to ask for chat scenes before going to the forums.

I also request that if you intend on having me respond to scenes in the forums as anything other then a admin, that either you consider my available times which are in the forums, or ask for a scene first before including me in forum scenes.

Im really stressed with life right now. I refuse to be stressed over forum scenes.

Thank you. I DO appreciate you. But please keep what the site is intended for in your play. Its WAY to expensive to not use that chat.


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