Away but not Far

This is where anything that is out of character should go. New to site? Post here. Needing to let us know your stepping away? Post here. Anything.
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Away but not Far

Post by Jakondite » Wed Jun 06, 2018 6:17 am

Alright. So this is mostly for those of you who do not know and are unaware, since I have yet to post it though since it's a small community I know most of you already know. I'm taking a step back from site for a little bit - not permanently, and not completely either - but enough that I can't be considered to be a reliable individual for pushing story elements on Seattle, as well as serving as a regular rules mechanic. I'm going to be spending some time working on my own personal projects, not least of which includes focusing more on my schoolwork.

Now, this does not mean your not free to poke me on skype - but most of the time, if asked for roleplay, the answer is going to be a no. Now I understand there are those who are necessary elements to the game (at least, to certain PCs) so...

If the staff so wills it, the following characters may be NPCed for PC or Story elements:

The Immortal (Cross) - This guy will likely be doing some soul searching for a while anyways - but when he's here, he's a mentor capacity for Omi, Jesse, and to a lesser extent Antithesis.
Angelus - Mentor Capacity to "Pretty Much Everyone". He'll teach you all about the Word of God. And what we do with Werewolves and Vampires.
Mirage - One of Summer's Mentors, as well as the anchor which keeps Omi relatively sane.

Willow (For use as the Truthcatcher)

Eerie (For use with Meghan, or the Duchess's decrees)

If you have any questions for these individuals, I can OOC explain what that individual might express to you or do - but whether or not that's permitted is (as always) up to the Staff involved and will include the staff involved. But for the most part, currently doing things off site for a lil while.

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