W.o.D, Maturity and Bleed.

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W.o.D, Maturity and Bleed.

Post by fairfolk » Tue Nov 21, 2017 8:05 pm

With a few of the issues that we have had ..and as role players seem to have on various sites, there is something I want to touch on and just talk about.

So: When I was first introduced to role play with dungeons and dragons: Advanced. I am old. Yes, I know. Well the theme of the game was get a party, concur the dungeons..get the loot. The game was very work together friendly. There was not really much P.V.P and when there was, boy people where cranky. So parties that had good and neutral characters where typically awesome bands, with them eye balling those of evil alignment very distrust worthy and pelting them with popcorn when their rogue decided to back stab the party or steal your treasure.

In Dungeons and Dragons it was fairly expected to work together and not doing so was NOT the norm. I was about 8 years old when I was introduced to D&D (actually pre advanced but..i didnt get far enough into it to really consider myself a role player) so it was GREAT for a child and a pre teen, and even great for a adult.

I was introduced to the world of darkness when I was in my early twenties, right before the revised editions came out. The concept of player vs player was very hard for me to grasp at first, but I did love the politics that went with it. And lets face it, politics are cut throat.

In every wold of darkness game there is serious P.V.P. It is EXPECTED. It is PART of the game.

I'd rather folks get along but honestly that is not realistic nor is that the world of darkness. Your SUPPOSED to try to get one up on the vampire with more status, your SUPPOSED to try to become a higher title and backstab members of the other house without killing the dream, your SUPPOSED to not overly like the commoners or overly like the Nobility. Werewolf your SUPPOSED to expect challenges, your SUPPOSED to earn your place and be strong enough to keep it.

I actually hated werewolf for the longest time because of all the angst and growly that they do, its like one big 'whos dick is bigger' contest. But you know what? Its part of the game.

The world of darkness is not supposed to be pleasant, its not really even supposed to be about winning. If you win at the world of darkness came...thats amazing and should be rare. Now, I tell jakondite all the time no one wants a world of darkness where they only see pitch black, they wanna ease up and have some good things, victories and find love. Its those things that make the world of darkness more real. And that happyness valued as well as tragic.

Vampires are facing a lost of humanity, mages are facing a loss of humanity, changelings are facing extinction and frankly the werewolves have fucked themselves so much by killing everything they really have no chance to win. But they all keep fighting. They all face the darkness within and around them.

Unfortunately what this means is that if you play the world of darkness you need to realize that when you do something stupid there will be a comeuppance. If you make the wrong political play no matter how brilliant, you could end up killed. So it takes a level of maturity that sometimes we all lack. We need to step back and look at the game and remember, we chose to play this. We knew what we where playing when we dotted up a character and agreed to the terms of the site.

In laymans terms, you need to wear your big boy pants. Ive noticed some people cant, some people the moment anything unpleasant happens and they are bitching at the storytellers. The storytellers or players are out to get THEM, the storytellers are metagaming or bitches, or awful people.

News flash, as a storyteller I AM out to get your character. But, not to kill them ..just to make them suffer and grow.

Thats the great thing and what I love most about the characters we make and write together. We make stupid IC mistakes and those of us who wear the big boy pants? We play through it, we get through it and those characters grow and they become REAL, not card board, cookie cutter characters with no depth and zero personality. They start to read real for others too and become easier to write for.

We come to love them.
Both ours and those of others.

There are several characters I would hate to see lost. I have seen several characters lost that I miss because they where so well developed, and their stories ending where heart breaking.

Personally when I write with you, I WANT to cry because I feel the heartbreak of my character. I WANT to be angry for my character, or yours. I WANT to have that emotion that you have when you read a really good god damn book!

I dont want to play nice, I dont want to tip toe through the tulips and have unicorns and rainbows in the sky. I dont play Dungeons and Dragons often anymore because I prefer this. Maybe I am a masochist. But I tell you what? One of the reasons I love role play with Quicksilver is because there have been a lot of times that we have done stuff and I cried for the characters, i have done the same for Nickpires characters, and jackondites and even Elsas. And yes, even Jalings.

It broke my heart when Anneliese was being trampled.

And honestly, I felt like shit when Brenna spoke out against the stupid Gisella pulled. Id of really had a lot of respect for the character had it been played through. She would have earned her chops.

The thing is though that its hard, its VERY hard not to let bleed interfere with your perception. Bleed is where you take that rage for the character, or the pain of that character and you take it out on staff, or on other players out of character.

Why do you role play?
Personally I role play because my every day life is boring and in some areas suck. But in the world of darkness I can be anything, do anything. sometimes it fails sometimes it doesn't, and it makes me happy. its a way to escape situations that I have no control over, and don't want to deal with for a few hours. A way to set aside the issues in my personal life.

And everyone has them.
Some people are going through divorces, through the deaths of their family, through shitty situation after shitty situation. Some people just want to hang out with friends and have fun, some people just like to write drama. But we all come here for one thing...

Role play that does not affect our real lives.

As players we can form friendships and there are many people I am very partial to and become very sad when they disappear. If I talk to you out of character and say that you are my friend? Your my friend. Your my friend even if I have not met you face to face and yes, I genuinely care about you.

And I expect you not to have a temper tantrum whenever something doesn't go your way, or whenever you don't like how a scene is going, or has gone. Its part of the game, its a mature game. I expect you to treat me with a bit of common curtsy, if you are having issues with a topic in a story line..explain it and we can find a way not to deal with it.

I personally try to avoid love triangles, I hate them. I try to avoid animal or child abuse tropes. I fucking HATE the over use of rape in the game. I know people who have asked me to be out of story lines that had demons in them, that nopped out of being the significant other of a noble who was forced to marry for politics. I get it. I REALLY get it.

And I will try to work with you while still preserving the wod genre.

That said, if you are having issues that are being brought to site .... and your taking it out on players, or staff. Please take a step back and think if this is the game for you, and have the ability to be a big boy and pull your pants up and step back until your ready to play again without that issue. Ill respect you more, hell Ill even ask you what you want me to do with your characters. And I might even HOLD your character for you until your ready to come back.

However, you stealth out due to in character stuff and then block me on IM or Facebook, you will have my undivided contempt for your lack of maturity and your coward-ism, but most of all for lying to me about friendships. To me the friendship is more important then the game.

Just keep in mind, we have bleed we are human, we love our characters. We love each others characters. We are supposed to play our concepts, and have strife. Doesnt mean I dont like you, doesnt mean I wont hear you out if its causing to much issue IC.
But ultimately, its a mature game with dark content. Do not expect this to be Dungeons and Dragons role playing party , with the unicorns farting rainbows.

Blood makes the grass grow, and monsters are here. We play them. Lets play them right and go home later knowing we did it and we still wore the pants to stay friends.

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