Logs: Everyone might want to be aware..

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Logs: Everyone might want to be aware..

Post by fairfolk » Wed Jun 21, 2017 3:32 pm

I have noticed a severe lack of logs being posted. I know some of you might be unaware, but I absolutely know some of you do know, that with my sites Logs are not only expected to be up but they also impact your experience.

Logs allow new players to see that the site is active.
Logs allow people a idea of the game.
Logs allow us to enjoy each others writing.
Logs allow us to continue scene and preserve scene continuity.
Logs allow storytellers to know YOUR active.
Logs allow Storytellers to know what is going on.
Logs allow storytellers to know how information is going from one character to another.
Logs allow storytellers to know if story lines are being chased.
Logs allow storytellers to do their jobs more effectively.

This added in case you wonder why I want logs up.

Logs do not promote meta-gaming. And if you feel something is being used in character due to a log tell a admin. But in the 10 years that I have been a site owner, I have never had a problem with it.

So those logs that are not up, need to be up.

Now, here are some rules:

First: Scenes must be up ASAP. Preferably within a day or two of the scene. This will give admin ample time to read every scene before the beginning of the month and before experience is due.

Second:. I only want -ONE- log posted per scene. And in each subject a name and who is in it might be a good idea so double logs do not happen. Example: Tea Time [Rachael and Theo Log]
Log them in the room they belong in. (for instance if it happened in the sept, its to go in the sept forum)

Third: They need to be readable. What this means is that :
You MUST separate the spaces.
You MUST take out the time stamp.
And you MUST JUST COLOR the names. So, one characters name might be blue, anther's orange so that its readable. Do not color the words. That only serves to be a eye sore and confusing.

If it is not done correctly it will not be counted.

Fourth: As far as sex scenes go:
They are written. Let us not pretend they aren't. But that does not mean that as writers we are comfortable in the world seeing our writing skills that way. And some, do not want to read it.

What I would suggest is that if your scene has sexual content in it, please just clip the sex and either put 'fade to black' Or 'later' should the scene continue.
If the scene ends with sex..just clip it out.
Now..I am not a prude. I just know some people are uncomfortable with such content SO FADE TO BLACK. Or clip it out and add "Later" as a filler.

No one needs to see that but those who are participating in it.

If a scene has nudity, or kissing this isn't sex and you can opt to put NSFW if you really feel its taboo but not sex.

Just be discrete and consider the comfort levels of the other player and yourself. Clipping, fade to black, and "later" are very safe bets.

You want XP? Put up logs.
If I see your the only one putting up logs I MIGHT give you experience for your work.. if i see your never putting up logs I likely will note it and say something.

Site owner.


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