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This is where all the rules for the site are: from out of character to conversion rules to standards 'what is acceptable" on this site rules.
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Forum scene rules

Post by fairfolk » Sat Jul 15, 2017 10:58 pm

Hopefully the forum rules will help the forums run smoother and help with continuity.

1. When the scene takes place in the forum: I do not like freezing characters, or locking characters up to prevent real time play , so to prevent this the forums scene does not take place until after the storyteller says /end scene. So any information in a scene can not, unless the scene in chat is part of the forum scene, be brought into real time play.

2. Time dating : On occasion we will time date. Normally starting the scene weeks in advance. The admin -ARE- the only ones who can time date a scene. We are the only ones that can freeze characters, but the way we are doing forums should help prevent that.

3. Time/Actions: Keep in mind that some actions take time. Keep in mind, some powers are not automatic. If you use a power or do something that will take a few minutes do NOT over post. Do not do multiple actions in a scene. You can walk, you can talk...but don't hit someone, run away to the city, get married, fly back, and return to the point that the next person cant do anything. Or anything to you. So, you cant hit someone and run away, exit the scene. Does that make sense? A good bit of this rule is common sense. If your doing to much I might say as much or ask fox or Mayhawk to.

This is most important in combat. Though some things will take longer like a ritual or something then walking up to someone and for lack of anything else, dominating them.

4. Playing during the scene: some scenes will have side scenes and to prevent hijacking of a scene, you are allowed to play side scenes in real time chat, and one of the players must add the log during their post.

5.Character Knowledge until the scene is /ended: As stated in one, it doesn't take place until the end of the scene in total. The content of the scene should not be refereed to in real time chat. Doing so will be considered a use of out of character information. We are not actually time mages, we can not see the outcome so best to just not do it (especially if there is a possibility your character might die)Again the only time a forum scene can be mentioned in real time is if the chat scene is PART of the forum scene, or the forum scene is over.

6. Social forum scenes vs story line forum scenes : Story-line scenes usually means the admin needs to not lose momentum. We are human so we can forget were we where going if a scene sits to long. If you do not know what to post, or are having a hard time speak to the person running the scene. Story line scenes -always- take priority over social scenes.

7. To much time between posting: Real life likes to nom on us. However, you should try to post as quickly as possible to keep the scene moving. And you -should- keep posting order. Unfortunately forum scenes can be snail slow..but it is often times the best way to keep everyone in a story.

If the person ahead of you does not post within 24 hours of the poster before them you have the option to either bump the forum [Just typing: Bump] as some people forget the scene is there. Or post. But everyone gets 24 hours to post.

As a reminder, do not skip people unless that 24 hours has past.

8. 72 hour overturn: If no one has posted or bumped the scene within 72 hours of the last post, the scene may be closed by a admin, or owner. And either scripted, or scrapped. The only time a scene should wait more then 72 hours is if the player has stated they would be gone for that amount of time. But once the scene is closed, its closed.

9. Supernatural fuel : Any time of fuel for your supernatural needs to be rolled in the PSI database prior to your first post. If you do not do this, your considered on base of your supernatural fuel (base being 2 or 3), and it MUST be posted in your first post. It can not be rolled after the fact. This is especially important in combat. You do not need to do this for social scenes but any scene that you might use a power in needs it.

10. Rolls: All rolls must be done in the psi database AND posted in a spoiler in the forums. However, if there are modifiers and you do not ask the admin, you will likely have to re-roll to accommodate those modifiers. If we see something that needs a re-roll we will let you know.

11. Stat bar : Stat bars are important, they should tell your supernatural fuel, your willpower, and any relevant information such as notable merits. Be sure to use a stat bar in your posts. The defense, willpower, supernatural fuel ect again, needs to be predominate if there is going to be rolls or combat. I can let it slide to just see the stuff that everyone would know aka: Striking looks or another merit.

12 Place Holders .: Do not do place holders. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. This is when someone wants to note that they are there, or doing something and instead of actually posting they put "Place holder for later". The reason its a problem is that most people use the 'new posts' link to find posts they have not read. Place holder posts, get lost and are over looked. And then important information is loss to the ether.

13. Logs: So if you do a scene in chat that started in the forums you need, like everything else, to post the log in the proper heading. And just like the rules, you need to clean it up, space it , color the names and make it readable and in a timely manner.

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