This is where you will find the information to create your Mage, and any house rules.
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Post by fairfolk » Sun Oct 15, 2017 2:41 am

Base Creation
Attributes: 5/4/3 (No Attributes over 4, only 2 at 4)
Skills: 11/7/5 (No Skills over 4, only 2 at 4)
Specialties: 3
Merits: 10 (Can spend 3 merit dots to increase Gnosis/Arete - Maximum 3) *1 dot avatar free*
Arcana/Spheres: 6
Rotes: 6 Total
Experience: 30

Novice - Limit 2 per Venue
Bonus Attributes: + 3
Bonus Skills: + 4
Bonus Specialties: + 1
Bonus Merits: + 4 *1 dot avatar free*
Bonus Arcane/Sphere: + 3
Bonus Rotes: +3
Starting Gnosis: + 1 (Can buy up to third dot with merits)
Experience: 30

Seasoned - Limit 1 per Venue and only those who are going to be movers and shakers
Bonus Attributes: + 6
Bonus Skills: + 6
Bonus Specialties: + 3
Bonus Merits: + 8 *1 dot avatar free*
Bonus Arcane/Sphere: + 6
Bonus Rotes: +6
Starting Gnosis: + 2 (Can buy fourth dot with merits with storyteller approval - restricted)
Experience: 30

Because -every- new character must have room to learn there will be no 5s permitted save for a few exceptions:

1. Avatar: You may spend the 5 dots towards avatar as it is -not- something that grows in game unless you have the merit, shattered avatar which will be put up later.

2. Resources: If you have a concept that makes sense to be a billionaire, we can talk about it.

3. Favored Attribute : Your attribute may only be 5 if the favored attribute brings you up to 5 after your initial dot expenditure. Your favored attribute is either resolve or composure, determined by your character's essence (Primordial/Patterning = Composure, Questing / Dynamic = Resolve), and all mages gain a free dot in this trait.

I cant think of anything else that could be a five, I will say this though...If there is a starting merit (aka a merit that you can only buy at creation) that is five dots, you likely can get it. But bring it to my attention so that I may amend this.

Okay, further....

There will be -zero- fighting styles above 3 unless your concept requires it to be a little higher and then, only 4. Remember , the idea is to be able to grow.

You may have:
1. 4 in a attribute
1. 4 in a skill

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Post by QuicksilverFox85 » Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:40 pm


Trait Experience point cost
Attribute New dots x 5
Skill New dots x 3
Skill Specialty 3
Ruling Arcana New dots x 6
Common Arcana New dots x 7
Merit New dots x 2
Gnosis New dots x 8
Wisdom New dots x 3
Willpower 8

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Post by fairfolk » Tue Oct 31, 2017 8:42 am

Because the vast majority of other venues have gone to using the oWoD versions of the powers and converting them, we've decided to - instead of using the powers from oWoD for mage, the restrictions, and the paradox, we will be going ahead and using oWoD mage's power levels. What this means is:

All Arcana/Sphere is Limited by a Character's Arete / Gnosis and their willpower. You may not have an Arcana above the level of your Arete or Willpower. A character with Arete / Gnosis 3 will be limited to a disciple - however they may be a disciple in all Arcana rather than just a few. Similarly, once they get to Arete 4, they may become an adept - so on and so forth.

We will be posting the rules and mechanics we will be using to accommodate for this shortly, which will include how Paradox and Quintessence work, as well as how spells are rolled. But when remaking your 2.0 characters, keep in mind the Spheres.

Furthermore, there will only be 9 Spheres, rather than 10 Arcana - ignore Death on the psi character sheets, and use Fate as Entropy.

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Post by fairfolk » Sun Nov 05, 2017 12:24 pm

If your character is a technocrat, or technologically inclined (Such as a VA or an Etherite), it is possible for them to utilize one of the alternate Spheres from M20 - Data, Dimensional Science, and -possibly- Primal Utility. If you do this, however, you need to make a note of it in your character sheet - as while these alternate Spheres are similar, they are ultimately different and do not mirror the effects of other Sphere magic perfectly.

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