Traditions, Conventions, and Crafts - Ruling Spheres and Bonuses

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Traditions, Conventions, and Crafts - Ruling Spheres and Bonuses

Post by fairfolk » Fri Nov 03, 2017 8:04 pm

The Nine Traditions

Akashic Brotherhood, AKA Akashayana

Affinity Spheres: Life or Mind

Focus: "Magick" is actually self-perfection and cosmic harmony. To master such Arts in the proper Way (Do), a person must expand awareness in all things, clarify thoughts, focus the body, and subdue emotional confusion. Asian alchemy, craftwork, faith, yoga, social dominion, and martial arts training allow a Brother to channel life energy (chi) toward astounding feats of physical, mental, and energetic achievement. As a result, common paradigms include Bring Back the Golden Age, Everything’s an Illusion, It’s All Good, and occasionally Might is Right.

Tradition Bonus: Following the Practice of Do, Akashics may learn (and teach, if they are so inclined) Do as a Fighting Style. They also gain the meditative mind merit, and pay new dots x2 on brawl and melee.

Celestial Chorus

Affinity Spheres: Prime, Forces, or Spirit

Focus: The Arts flow not from personal achievement or intent but from faith, unity, and harmony with the Divine Will. Singing – especially many voices joined in harmony - provides this Tradition’s oldest and most important instrument. Chorister magick tends to manifest in light, fire, warmth, harmonic vibrations, and sublime music. Faith and High Ritual form the core of Celestial Chorus practices, so the group’s paradigms include Creation is Divine and Alive, Divine Order and Earthly Chaos, and, of course, It’s All Good - Have Faith.

Tradition Bonus: Choristers, due to their relationship with the One, enjoy a +2 social bonus with astral entities. Additionally, entities which are considered "Cursed" by god or otherwise oppose the "One" feel uneasy around the chorister, granting the chorister a +2 to intimidation rolls when dealing with such entities. They also gain the Higher Calling merit for free.

Cult of Ecstasy, AKA the Sahajiya

Affinity Spheres: Time, Life or Mind.

Focus: "Get out of your own way" sums up the Ecstatic paradigm. To touch the Lakashim ("Divine Pulse"), a person must blow open the doors of inhibition and fear. Magick is the communion between a focused mind and the Lakashim - a dance of possibilities directed by crazy wisdom. To perform it, an Ecstatic guides Ojas (life force) energy with conscious but flexible intentions. Ideally, a mage operates in a flux state in which neither time nor inhibitions block the life force – aware of what she’s doing and yet open enough to do anything.

The Cult’s infamous substances and stimulations are meant to blow open mental doors and blast away obstacles to Enlightenment. That’s the theory, anyway. In reality, those same tools can become obstacles in their own right. Smart Ecstatics, then, keep shifting their tools around to avoid stagnation and dependence on "the same old shit." Crazy wisdom is the core of this group’s many practices, which include everything from gutter magick, yoga, and martial arts to cybernetic hypertech. And so, paradigms include Creation's Divine and Alive, Everything is Chaos, It’s All Good, and quite often Everything’s an Illusion.

Tradition Bonus: The Cult of Escasy is widely known as the drug cult, but they are more than a bunch of drug riddled mages - the tools they use are all tools designed to help open the mind, and connect to their own personal spirituality. They automatically gain the Entheogenic Synesthesia and Toxic Resistance merits. Additionally, because of their focus on extending their senses and opening themselves up to the world aroumd them, they gain a discount on the dream merit (which is usually focused through - you guessed it - recreational drug use)

Dreamspeaker, AKA the Kha'Vadi

Affinity Spheres: Spirit; Force, Life, or Matter.

Focus: Medicine, not magick, is the essence of Dreamspeaker Arts. An avatar is Howahkan: the mysterious voice that speaks to those who are ready to hear it. Sorcery is an egotistical and ultimately destructive Path that leads people away from the Good Road of harmony with the World Spirit. To reach past the illusions of mortal life, one must listen to Creation’s heartbeat, face death, and remain open to the voice through which all life speaks. Practice-wise, ’Speakers favor medicine-work, craftwork, shamanism, crazy wisdom, and faith. A few pursue cybernetics, yoga, Voudoun, and witchcraft, but their companions often shun them. Common paradigms include A World of Gods and Monsters, Creation's Divine and Alive, Bring Back the Golden Age, and sometimes Might is Right

Tradition Bonus: As may not surprise most, Dreamspeakers pay half cost for the Totem Merit. Additionally, by petitioning the appopriate spirits the Dreamspeaker utilizes augmentation, allowing them to undergo a transactionary payment between themselves and the spirit to create effects beyond the realm of their normal capabilities, to a limit of 2 ranks higher than their current sphere rating.

Euthanatoi, AKA The Chakravanti:

Affinity Spheres: Entropy; Life or Spirit.

Focus: As masters of life, death, Fate, and Fortune, the Euthanatoi view magick as an extension of the Cycle. By turning the Wheel, these mages control probability as well as the forces of mortality. That turning focuses on the cyclical nature of existence, and so a Chakravat uses practices and instruments like crazy wisdom, faith, High Ritual, medicine-work, reality hacking, martial arts, shamanism, and occasionally Voudoun to direct those energies toward the desired end. Yoga has an essential place in this Tradition’s Arts. Divine Order and Earthly Chaos might be the group’s most common paradigm; others include Everything’s an Illusion, Creation's Divine and Alive, and even, believe it or not, It’s All Good - Have Faith.

Tradition Bonus: Thanatoics are often well versed in the art of both the good and the little death. As such, they gain the Tolerance for Biology merit for free, and pay new dots x2 for Firearms, Weaponry, and Intimidation. They also gain 2 dots in fighting styles of the Euthanatoi's choice.

Order of Hermes

Affinity Sphere: Forces provides the core of Hermetic training. Certain Houses favor Life, Matter, Mind, and Spirit as secondary pursuits, but Forces is always essential.

Focus: A Hermetic mage commands nothing less than the keys to the universe. And so, these consummate scholars master ancient and arcane rituals through constant study and intense practice. Tapping elemental currents through incantations, signs, seals, paraphernalia, and secret languages, the Hermetics are – by necessity – secretive and suspicious. They command tremendous power, after all, and their rivals lurk everywhere.

Alchemy, dominion, and High Ritual form core practices within the Order’s ranks. No Hermetic mage lacks such training. Certain Hermetics add chaos magick, the Art of Desire, hypertech, craftwork, weird science, yoga, and occasional malficia to that core, pursuing such paradigms as A Mechanistic Cosmos, Divine Order and Earthly Chaos, Might is Right, Tech Holds All Answers and, naturally, Bring Back the Golden Age.

Tradition Bonus: Order of Hermes benefit from the power of True Names - any mage who does not know their True name trets the mage, regardless of distance and other factors, as "no connection" on the correspondence table. Further, she subtracts her Arete from successes rolled to penetrate her Ward Effects. Discerning a Hermetic's True Name requires at least Mind 4 (And an understanding, as well as some degree of acceptance of the power of True Names) with no less than one success per level of the target's Arete - and that's before dealing with whatever defenses the Hermetic May have. Hermetics also benefit from.

Sons of Ether, AKA The Society of Ether

Affinity Spheres: Matter; Forces or Prime.

Focus: Science! Or, more accurately, an imaginative grasp of natural principles channeled through established physical and energetic technologies. Earthier than their Virtual Adept colleagues, these technomancers prefer to employ Science that can be seen, held, demonstrated, and confirmed even by the eyes of fools. To that end, Etherite Science is showy, romantic, and gracefully futuristic, even if that future looks more like classic science fiction than like mundane science fact. As a practice, an Etherite may use anything that seems to work. Most Scientists, however, favor gloriously esoteric variations on alchemy, craftwork, cybernetics, hypertech, reality hacking, and, of course, weird science. Paradigms focus largely around concepts like A Mechanistic Cosmos, Everything is Data, Might is Right, and Everything’s an Illusion, but they usually boil down to Tech Holds All the Answers.

Tradition Bonus: Etherites pay new dots x 2 for crafts and science, and pay half cost for the purchase of Devices that they themselves do not make (requisitioned for favors from the Ethernautical Society). They gain +2 dice to any roll designed to create their own Devices (technomagical, specifically).


Affinity Spheres: Life; Forces.

Focus: Verbena Arts concentrate on doing a lot with very little. Their tools are practical as well as symbolic, with uses that reach back to antiquity. “Pagan” in every sense of that word, these magicks hold deep ties to Nature. Shape-changing, transformation, healing and injury, divination, purification, growth and withering, natural cycles, and the tricky ways of Fate are witch-folk specialties.

To all Verbenae, Creation's Divine and Alive. Because Creation, life, and divinity aren’t particularly nice, other common Verbena paradigms include A World of Gods and Monsters, Might is Right, Bring Back the Golden Age, and Everything is Chaos. Witchcraft is the group’s core practice, with certain individuals favoring Voudoun, dominion, weird science, chaos magick, yoga, martial arts, High Ritual, cybernetics, the Art of Desire, craftwork, medicine-work, and even organic hypertech.

Tradition Bonus: Verbena pay only new dots x2 for Medicine and Survival. Additionally, they gain the Holistic Awareness and Tolerance for Biology merits for free. Verbena pay half cost for familiars. Finally, Verbena gain the ability to use and teach others (trusted individuals, ONLY those of the Old Ways) the Paths of the Wyck, provided they have the required Spheres.

Virtual Adepts, AKA the Mercurial Elite

Affinity Spheres: Correspondence/ Data; Forces.

Focus: Everything is Data. Thus, in this Mechanistic Cosmos, every tool or practice an Adept employs focuses on shaping, altering, manipulating, gathering, storing, collating, influencing, or destroying information. Such tools range from the obvious computer gear (generations ahead of conventionally available tech), clouds, holograms, implants, nanotech, energy drinks, and sense-altering stimuli to the understated chic of dark hoodies, manga-influenced haircuts, fashionable androgyny, and provocative masks. All Adepts, however, keep the implements of their technomagick handy. For many Adepts, computers are a more important part of one’s identity than any attire or accessory. An Adept’s personal devices are almost always the most heavily customized and stylized elements of that Adept’s ensemble.

Perhaps the most accomplished reality hackers alive, this Mercurial Elite also employs various forms of cybernetics, hypertech, weird science, martial arts, chaos magick, gutter magick, and sometimes shamanism, Voudoun, crazy wisdom, or witchcraft with a technological flair.

Tradition Bonus: Virtual Adepts use the Data Sphere rather than the correspondence sphere, which grants them special advantages when dealing with matters of the digital web. Adepts pay new dots x 2 towards computers, and half cost for contacts. Due to their natural tendency to erase their digital footprint, Virtual Adepts gain 2 dots in the Anonymity merit for free.

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Re: Traditions, Conventions, and Crafts - Ruling Spheres and Bonuses

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The Disparate Alliance
Note: At this moment in time, until I've had the chance to review them, the members of the Disparate Alliance are not permitted in play. If you wish to play one, or to play one of the below groups, speak to me -before- you start creating the concept. This is mostly a reference so one has an idea what to expect when dealing with such individuals - and for NPC concepts. If you are permitted to play one, it will likely be treated as a character in a craft unassociated with the Alliance - after all, the Alliance itself is a relatively new and unknown entity.


Affinity Spheres: Correspondence or Mind, but never Entropy.

Focus: As their name declares, the Batini remain subtle. The phrase "leave no trace" holds a particularly significance in everything they do. A Batini mage often spends weeks, months, even years observing, considering, and contemplating a situation before she finally uses her Arts to nudge things in the desired direction.

Faith is an essential element of Batini practices, with a core belief in Divine Order and Earthly Chaos. Certain Batini assert that It’s All Good, and others hold the bleak conviction that Everything’s an Illusion. Crazy wisdom, alchemy, and High Ritual Magick maintain their traditional places in Batini Arts, with yoga, gutter magick, reality hacking, and even chaos magick appearing in the practices of certain devotees.

Despite their mystic acumen, Batini cannot learn the Entropy Arts at all. This mystic blind spot presents an interesting conundrum: if all things are Unified, then surely even decay has a place in that sacred order? That’s a question the sect has not yet answered

Craft Bonus: Ahl-Li-Batin are masters of being hidden from the world - everywhere, and yet no where at once. They gain the bonus of spending half experience on arcane. Additionally, the Ahl-Li-Batin are the mages with the closest antithetical ties to the Nephandi. They gain a +2 bonus on all rolls to investigate and eliminate the Fallen Ones.


Affinity Spheres: Spirit or Life

Focus: Based in the sublime union between flesh and spirit, Bata’a Arts require two things: a ritual calling upon Legba, the guardian of crossroads; and a rite designed to induce a trance state and open channels between minds, bodies, and spirits. In certain cases, a practitioner may choose to create a gris-gris: an item blessed by and infused with the energy of a Loa.

Such items are used only in cases of dire urgency and limited time. Faith is the heart of this invisible family, with common paradigms insisting that Creation’s Alive, Everything is Chaos, and this World of Gods and Monsters demands good friends and willing allies. Voudoun, faith, medicine-work, craftwork, High Ritual, and crazy wisdom form the core practices within the Bata’a. Some members also favor gutter magick, shamanism, weird science, dominion, maleficia, and various martial arts. One works with whatever’s available. So long as the spirits are served respectfully, a practitioner can rely upon them to aid her.

Craft Bonus: The Bata'a have close ties to the Loa, in ways few other mages could ever really comprehend. They spend half the experience for the Totem Merit and Patron Merit, and gain a +2 dice bonus when dealing with the Loa.

Children of Knowledge, AKA the Solificati

Affinity Spheres: Typically Matter, but Entropy, Forces, and Prime are valid.

Focus: Because the universe is one huge symphony of vibrating energy, magick is simply the application of one’s Will to influence and change the vibrations between one thing and another. The tools that symbolize and channel those vibrations – and that rearrange the perceptions of a viewer so that he can retune his own expectations about what is and is not possible – make such Greater Alchemy possible.

To a Child of Knowledge, Everything is Data, Chaos, or an Illusion, Prison, or Mistake. Knowledge – honed through alchemy, craftwork, crazy wisdom, the Art of Desire, chaos magick, and occasional hypertech - confers the truth behind life’s illusions. Magick, to a Solificatus, is the Art of Transmutation; it changes, refines, breaks down, and reassembles existing materials into newly formed energies.
Craft Bonus: Solificati, particularly those who claim membership in the Order of Hermes as well as the Disparates, benefit from the Hermetic's bonus. Those who do not, however, pay new dots x2 on crafts, science, and medicine, and get a +2 dice bonus on all rolls to create alchemical potions and salves.

Hollow Ones

Affinity Spheres: Any

Focus: Darklings use whatever they’ve got to work with - typically things discarded by society. Broken toys, occult goodies, and symbols and behaviors that so-called respectable people shun make potent tools in the hands of a Hollow mage. Belief-wise, that hollow image is appropriately symbolic: these folks tend to see themselves as vessels of life and death, pouring their Arts out or carrying those cosmic forces from place to place. Magick, then, comes from the proper comprehension and intentional use of the energies that, in most people, are simply wasted. Everything is Chaos, an Illusion, or a Mistake, probably on a One-Way Trip to Oblivion. Some Hollowers insist that It’s All Good, but they’re the minority. Chaos and gutter magick are near-universal among the Hollow Ones. Although such Arts don’t actually nurture chaos, they thrive in the chaos of our age.

Craft Bonus: The outcasts, the misfits, the people who don't fit in - the Hollow Ones understand these individuals to the very core. Despite this, an element of grace is always there with the Hollow Ones. They enjoy a +2 bonus to resolve and composure rolls to maintain their cool in situations that would otherwise cause them to lose it. They also gain a +2 to empathy rolls when dealing with individuals who are qualified as misfits in their society (which includes all Disparates).

Kopa Loei

Affinity Spheres: The Kopa Loei do not believe in Spheres. Game-wise, their Sphere Traits depend on the things they do, not on training given by the group.

Focus: Ho’omana flows through connection with nature, sacred intentions, and purity of self. For this reason, Kopa Loei do not, for any reason, use what they would consider unnatural or technological tools to work their magic. Creation's Divine and Alive, split between Divine Order and Earthly Chaos. Careless, flashy magic disrupts and harms the balance of the natural pathways - kapuhuna - and it often angers the gods. In all things, balance with nature and blessings from the gods are essential.

Craft Bonus: Instead of using Spheres, the Kopa Loei benefit from the Spirit-Talker's Pillars: Chieftain, Trickster, Warrior, and Wise One. While none are affinity, they have much less to buy than other groups...


Affinity Spheres: Life, Mind, Prime, or Spirit

Focus: Knowledge unlocks the various chambers of Art and possibility. Because spirits and departed Ancestors provide answers for many secrets, outsiders often mistake the Ngoma for shamans. This is not the case; the spirits offer guidance, but the knowledge and the Arts depend upon each Ngoma, not upon Otherworldly favors.

Guided by paradigms Divine Order and Earthly Chaos where Tech Holds All Answers, Ngoma employ High Ritual Magick with a deep component of faith and modern applications of alchemy, hypertech, medicine-work, craftwork, reality hacking, and hypereconomics and its associated Art of Desire. Although some Ngoma choose to work with the traditional tools of their Ancestors, most Suktamke ("those who provide a push") employ a mix of ancient and technological tools. Knowledge, after all, is not bound to a single era.

Craft Bonus: Ngoma pay half cost for the dream merit, represented by their connection to their ancestors.


Affinity Spheres: Any

Focus: Orphans accept almost any worldview that provides a place for magickal powers. Some orphans become technomancers too, focusing their Arts through technological tools and beliefs. Religious creeds, transhumanist philosophy, occult dabbling, and ethnic practices provide the most common focuses for orphan magick, and popular culture that integrates several of them (often known as “gutter magick” or “high eclecticism”) is especially prevalent in the technological world.

Craft Bonus: Orphans do not technically belong to any craft and are usually self taught - these individuals who find themselves Awakening often follow their own paths rather than one's forged by them, and so few benefits are given. One, however, is: Orphans gain an additional dot of resolve or composure.

Sisters of Hippolyta, AKA the Hippolytoi

Affinity Spheres: Life or Mind

Focus: Though all Sisters, Awakened or not, study the magickal Arts, they view magick as an intuitive connection rather than a metaphysical discipline. Creation’s Divine and Alive, and although Might is (often) Right, It’s All Good when you have courage, faith, and sisterhood.

Essentially a Pagan form of medicine-work with modern applications, the Hippolytan practices look like witchcraft, shamanism, High Ritual, craft work, and martial arts, although few Sisters would describe their Arts in those terms. Whenever possible, Hippolytoi prefer to do their willworking through group rituals. Typically, they enact these rites in their home language, although formal Sisters perform rituals in ancient Greek

Craft Bonus: Sister's of Hippolyta gain a +2 to empathy rolls on women and children. When dealing with a matter of the Patriarchy, and men who abuse women, the Sister's find themselves with a powerful inner reserve - they gain +4 to defensive traits when spending willpower while dealing with such men, and +5 when spending willpower when facing -against- them. (...Maybe Higher Calling - this seems a bit buff).

The Taftani

Affinity Spheres: Forces, Matter, Prime, or Spirit

Focus: Asha’s flame is limited only by a Weaver's Will and vision. Yet just as a fine carpet follows a wave, and a fire follows the currents of air and kindling, so too do the blessings of Asha follow the bright designs of intent and consciousness.

The focus of a Taftâni mage involves shaping thoughts and materials toward a grand elaborate design - one that demonstrates the beauty of Truth and the artistry of the mage. Might is Right in a realm of Divine Order and Earthly Chaos, and so the ashavanti employ alchemy, craftwork, High Ritual Magick, crazy wisdom, the Art of Desire, a touch of hypertech, and dominion over men and spirits alike

Craft Bonus: ... Still working on this.

Templar Knights

Affinity Spheres: Forces, Life, Mind, or Prime

Focus: A Templar Knight is just a vessel for God’s Will, not his own. Despite A World of Gods and Monsters, there is Divine Order and Earthly Chaos, so Might is Right when God guides your soul. Faith and martial arts provide the core of every Templar’s training, and though dominion, craftwork, and hypertech appear in the group’s modern practices, every instrument is an extension of God’s hand.

Craft Bonus: In the war for god, Templars are always armed. Templars pay new dots x2 on Intimidation, Firearms, Brawl, and Weaponry. Additionally, Templars gain 2 dots in a fighting style of the Templars choice.

Wu Lung

Affinity Spheres: Spirit, Forces, Matter, or Life... though they shun such degraded terminology!

Focus: An Awakened soul is a spiritual inheritance – the Shih, or divine ancestor. Magick is a duty to tradition, an honor of the ancestors, and the key to the past and future majesty of China. Ritual is essential, and sloppy improvisation is to be avoided at all costs.

Chinese alchemy and High Ritual Magick form the core of Wu Lung practices, reinforced with social dominion and the martial art of Kuei Lung Chuan – a.k.a. Dragon Spirit Kung Fu. Such power comes through Li – the righteousness of Heaven and an adherence to its perfections. Exquisite ceremony mirrors heavenly perfection. Divine Order will allow the Wu Lung to Bring Back the Golden Age and banish chaos forever.

Craft Bonus: Members of the Wu Lung learn the Kuei Lung Chuan, an aggressive martial art that combines the fury of a tiger with the grace of a dragon. Members of this craft pay new dots x 1 on the combat styles: Agressive Striking, Evasive Striking, Unarmed Defensive Striking, Fencing, Staff Fighting, and Sojutsu as this encompasses the aggressive style.

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Re: Traditions, Conventions, and Crafts - Ruling Spheres and Bonuses

Post by fairfolk » Fri Nov 03, 2017 8:26 pm

The Technocractic Union
Note: At this point in time, Technocrat characters are not permitted as PCs. This may change in the future, but for now this is a reference point towards what may be permitted in the future. It is also a good note to keep in mind for when dealing with NPCs (for those who know a bit about them, after all)

Special: All Technocrats pay new dots x1 on the Science Skill. They practically invented the scientific paradigm.

Iteneration X

Affinity Spheres: Matters, Forces, or Time

Focus:The core of Iteration X science comes from the synergy between organic, mechanical, social, mathematical, and psychological elements. And so, cybernetics, craftwork and hypertech forge the foundation of this group’s practices.

Innovative Iterators employ martial arts, social dominion, hypereconomics, and reality hacking – after all, even perfection must be flexible! A few even hold a demi-religious faith in the ultimate potential of The Machine; these days, though, they don’t often discuss that out loud.

A Mechanistic Cosmos presents the obvious paradigm for Iteration X. Clearly, Tech Holds All Answers. Math-inclined members of this Convention assure their comrades that Everything is Data. This group has no use for “fuzzy” paradigms, so the Sphere of Dimensional Science is an extremely rare discipline among its ranks.

Convention Bonus: Iteneration X prizes itself highly on becoming 'one with the machine'. It is not uncommon for such agents to be literally, or sometimes even completely machine, and so they enjoy a discount on cybernetic enhancements (1 xp per dot). Additionally, they spend new dots x2 on crafts .

The New World Order, AKA the N.W.O.

Affinity Spheres: Mind or Correspondence / Data

Focus: In A World of Gods and Monsters, Might is Right and Tech Holds All Answers. Social dominion and the command of consciousness - that is, the influence, harnessing, programming, and reprogramming of the homo sapiens mind - provides the cornerstone of this New World Order’s techniques. To that end, psychic training, information manipulation, perceptual conditioning, and symbolicconnections (like a man wearing a formal black suit and carrying a badge) provide the essential tools for NWO Procedures. Physical media constitute the second level of manipulation, with the third and most brutal level – force – channeled through guns, armor, gadgets, hypertech vehicles, advanced weaponry, and the martial arts training all operatives receive. Paranoia, however, is the Order’s strongest weapon. If people believe you can do something, after all, their belief tilts reality in your favor before you even begin to act.

Convention Bonus: The New World Order is, as it's name suggests, the group with the self designated task of shaping the masses. They enjoy the benefits of spending half experience on the following merits: Contacts, Influence, Backup, and Requisitions.


Affinity Spheres: Life or Prime

Focus: The intricate enigmas and potential of organic life provide the foundation of Progenitor techniques. Upon that framework, an individual Progenitor can build a wide variety of innovations. Although specific applications must be scientifically defensible (see "Wait - I can Explain!" in the Chapter Six sidebar SCIENCE!!!, Mage20 p. 290), the Progenitors employ a dizzying variety of theories and Procedures. That said, those weirdscience techniques typically demand the presence of a well-stocked lab and intricate, often time-consuming, labor. Any tool that a healer, scientist, or naturalist would use can yield miraculous results in the skillful hands of a trained Technocrat, but the Progenitors usually need time and space to work their miracles.

To certain evolutionists, Might is Right, paradigm-wise. Most Progenitors, however, favor the agnostic Gaia-hypothesis approach to Creation’s Divine and Alive. Cybernetics blend in with a hypertech approach to medicine-work, and the Convention’s eclectic methods often seem like weird science by the standards of other Conventions.

Convention Bonus: Due to their high focus on biological advancement, the Progenitors enjoy a discount on Genetic and Biological enhancements, spending half the normal cost. Additionally, Progenitors spend new dots x 2 on Medicine.


Affinity Spheres: Entropy, Mind, Primal Utility

Focus: Ars Cupiditae, the Art of Desire, provides the heart of Syndicate methodology. Refined by the High Guild during the medieval period, this portfolio of techniques focuses on selfmastery and social psychology. Essentially, the practitioner disciplines his own body and mind, refines relationship techniques, and establishes a kingdom around himself that he gradually expands into an empire of subtle but compelling influence.

Except in the most desperate circumstances, a Syndicate rep never resorts to vulgar Procedures; even then, those Adjustments employ high-tech weapons, martial arts, or other stylishly technological methods. Most often, a Syndicate Associate manipulates people and systems with subtle yet effective nudges – phone calls, bribes, handshakes, perfumes, seductions, power lunches, PowerPoint presentations, hypereconomics, social domination, and so on – that get other people to pull the trigger while the Associate tallies up the profits. Might is Right in the Syndicate world; without it, civilization as we know it is on a One-Way Trip to Oblivion.

Convention Bonus: Money is power, or at least that's what the Syndicate believe. It's so much power than the Syndicate enjoys the benefits of the following merits at half cost: Resources, Influence, Requisitions, Allies. It's amazing what you can get with just a little bit of dough, hm?

Void Engineers

Affinity Spheres: Dimensional Science, Correspondence, or Forces

Focus: Focus: As every Engineer knows, only [/i]Tech Holds All Answers[/i] in A World of Gods and Monsters. Without imposed order, Everything is Chaos. And so, hypertech melds with cybernetics, craftwork, cosmic reality hacking, and a formalized type of weird science.

Mind-bending quantum physics, and the machines created to channel those physics, form the core of Wanderer beliefs. To that end, they adapt alien technologies and sanitized versions of ancient spiritual Arts, incorporated through reconciliation theories that bind those ideas and energies to scientific
methods. In the Realms beyond Earth’s limited reality sphere, Void Engineer technologies have all the subtlety of a big-budget science-fiction film. Blasters slide out of holsters, power-armor suits become essential, and titanic Universal craft (that is, spaceships) are the order of the day

Convention Bonus: The world beyond the stars is a vast, ugly place - and the Void Engineers have taken them all on. Void Engineers gain the Slayer Merit for free, which works against all manner of Umbrood. Additionally, they spend new dots x 2 on firearms, and spend new dots x 1 on requisitions and backup.

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