This is where you will find creation rules for your Vampire, and any house rules.
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Keep in mind that we do not have a vampire storyteller. So this game will HAVE to be completely player driven. That said, I do have a few NPCs to round out the city.

you will need..and I do mean this you will NEED to put in the Generation in the blood line as that will determine your blood pool. We will be using V20 for that as well as for disciplines except for celerity, that will be done via requiem rules but instead of having to spend blood for every action, you will able to spend the blood to have the defense, speed for every round that you have a dot of celerity.

You still get blood potency as that plays in rolls to your resistance.
approvals and backgrounds should be sent to fairfolk

Base Creation - Unlimited (Neonate)

Attributes: 5/4/3 (No Attributes over 4, only 2 at 4)
Skills: 11/7/4 (No Skills over 4, only 2 at 4)
Specialties: 3
Merits: 10
Disciplines: 3
Starting Generation: 13-12 (Blood Potency 1)
Experience: 30

Novice (Ancillae) - Limit 2 per Venue

Attributes: 5/4/3 + 3
Skills: 11/7/4 + 4
Specialties: 4
Merits: 14
Disciplines: 6
Starting Generation: 11 (Blood Potency 2)
Experience: 30

Seasoned (Elder) - Limit 1 per Venue Movers and shakers only
Attributes: 5/4/3 + 6
Skills: 11/7/4 + 6
Specialties: 5
Merits: 18
Disciplines: 9
Starting Generation: 10 (Blood Potency 3)
Experience: 30

A note on Elders: Elders do not need to pay 2 dots for the fifth dot of attributes, skills, merits, or disciplines. The exception to this is any skill or merit which represents facets of the modern age. Computers, Science, Firearms, and Drive costs 2 dots per dot beyond the second. The same rules apply to sniping, combat marksmanship, or High Performance Driving. Specialties in the modern age cost twice the amount, and experience is doubled in all cases during character creation only.

New Merit: Generation (*-*****)

Where other individuals may spend 3 merits to raise their power stats, and then spend experience through the course of roleplay, vampires are incredibly static creatures, and their blood potency is determined by their lineage. They may not raise it, except through diablerie. Therefore, characters must purchase their generation from the beginning - at a rate of 1 dot per dot of lowered generation (or 2 dots for the fifth dot of generation, if the storyteller permits that).

Thirteen Generation and Twelfth Generation - These Generations are treated as the same, mechanically barring reproduction. A Thirteenth Generation character (set at BP 1) who diablorizes someone of a higher Generation (BP 2 or higher) will jump to Generation 11 rather than Generation 12.

Fourteen Generation - This may be taken by neonate characters as a flaw. You are treated as BP 0, but gain all the benefits and drawbacks of the associated generation. This may only be taken by neonates.

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