The list

This is where you claim, or release..the person/photo you want to use for your character. That way, we do not double up on the same face.
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The list

Post by fairfolk » Fri May 19, 2017 5:04 am

One face per character. This will be updated as we go.


Astin, Mackenzie - (Jakondite, Changeling)
Amelia, Calley (Elsa Mage)

Beckensale, Kate (fairfolk, mage NPC)
Belle, Camilla (QuicksilverFox, mortal+)
Bishop, Nikki (quicksilverfox, wolf NPC)
Bonet, Lisa (Fairfolk, mage NPC)
Butterfield, Asa (Jakondite, Changeling PC)
Bomer, Matt - (Jakondite, Changeling)
Bale, Christian (Fairfolk, Vampire)
Beth, Hannah Merjos - (Jakondite, Mortal)
Biel, Jessica (Fairfolk, mage)
Bettany, Paul (fairfolk, mage npc)

Collins, Lily (Fairfolk, Changeling)
Courtney, Jai (fairfolk, Mage NPC)
Cavill, Henry ( Fairfolk, Other)
Manson, Marilyn (fairfolk, changeling npc)
Cook, Rachael Leigh (Fairfolk, Werewolf)
Collins, Misah (Quicksilverfox, other)
Cooper, Dominic (Fairfolk, Vampire)
Callingbull-Burnam, Ashley (Skye - Werewolf)
Coombs, Torrance - (Jakondite, Mortal)

Daddario, Alexandra (Siren, Changeling)
Dennings, Kat (Skye, wolf)
Depp, Johnny (Jakondite, Werewolf)
Dancy, Hugh (QuicksilverFox, Vampire)
Daddario, Alexandra (Siren, Changeling Noble)

Evans, Chris (Jaling, Mortal)
Eastwood, Scott (Fairfolk, changeling npc)
Eisley, India - (Jakondite, Vampire)
Evens, Luke (fairfolk, mage npc)


Farrell, Colin (Jaling, Mage)
Fox, Megan (fairfolk vampire)
Fanning, Dakota (fairfolk, vampire)
Fassbender, Michael (fairfolk, vampire)
arahani, golshifteh (Fairfolk, Vampirei)


Greene, Ashley (Fairfolk, mage)
Grieco, Richard (fairfolk, Wolf)
Gillan, Karen - Verbena Mage (Siren)

Hardy, Tom (quicksilverfox, mage)
Hiddleson, Tom (quicksilverfox, mage)
Holloway, Josh (Jaling, Kinfolk)
Hemsworth, Chris (Jakondite, Mage)
Hartley, Justin (fairfolk, mage npc)
Hartnet, Josh (fairfok, vampire)
Harris, Jared (Karns, changeling)

Ingenleuf, Corinna (Skye - Werewolf)


Jole, Angelina (Fairfolk, Mage)
Johnanasson, Scarlet (Fairfolk, Wolf)
jovovjovovich, Mila (fairfolk, vampire)

kreuk,kristen (Fairfolk, Werewolf)

Law, Jude (Fairfolk, NPC)
Lawrence, Jennifer - (Tosh, Mage)

Matsuura, Eleanor (quicksilverfox, wolf NPC)
Mercer, Matthew (quicksilverfox, wolf NPC)
Manson, Marilyn (Fairfolk, Changeling NPC)
McAvoy, James (Fairfolk, changeling npc)
Moldovan Diana (elsa, Werewolf)
Millar, Ezra (Fairfolk, vampire)
Momsen,Taylor (Elsay werewolf)

Nalaar, Chandra (Fairfolk, Changeling)
Nicholson, Clementine (Fairfolk, werewolf)


Pothecary, Cally-Jo (quicksilverfox, Changeling)
Padalkecki, Jared (fairfolk, Vampire)
Pace, Lee (fairfolk, vampire)


Reynolds, Ryan (QuicksilverFox, Mage PC)
Rhys-Meyers, Jonathan (Jakondite, Mage PC)
Robb, Annasophia - (Jakondite, Werewolf)
Reeves, keanu (fairfolk, vampire)
Regent of the Mask, Ninja Gaiden - (Jakondite, Mage)

Saldana, Zoe (Fairfolk, Changeling NPC)
Stan, Sebastian (quicksilverfox, Changeling)
Somerhalder, Ian (Fairfolk, Mage NPC)
Skarsgard, Bill (Fairfolk, changeling npc)
Sheppard, Mark - Jakondite, Vampire)
Stevens, Dan (Fairfolk, NPC mage)

Tarver, Katelyn (Jakondite, Werewolf)
Theron, Charlize (Fairfolk, Changeling NPC)

Urban, Karl (fairfolk, changeling NPC)

Varela, Leonor (fairfolk, mage NPC)
Van de laaar, Romy (Elsa, werewolf)

Welliver, Titus (quicksilverfox, wolf NPC)
Welling, Tom ( fairfolk, Changeling NPC)



Zegers, Kevin - (Jakondite, Mage)
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Re: The list

Post by fairfolk » Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:46 pm

Millar, Ezra (something)

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Re: The list

Post by fairfolk » Wed Oct 25, 2017 11:14 pm

Alright. The list is updated.

A few things though:

First please do not edit your posts unless its the same day your posting the original as it does not trigger the new post to flag . Which means I miss it and do not realize how badly the list needs to be updated.

Second: When you post to claim your avatars please do it LAST name first, and WHAT your claiming them for so I can just CUT and PASTE it without having to actually type it in. Less work for me *G*

Third and pretty important: This list is to claim a avatar for a character with the intent on making that character ASAP and so we don't end up with different people using the same face. It is not a place to hold onto a avatar indefinitely. Doing that is a abuse of the idea of this. Please, do not do it.
If you put up a avatar and it is not made within two weeks, I will delete the claim. People might want that face. We try to be fair here.

Now there where a few faces claimed for 3 months or longer....those have been erased and are no longer claimed.

New: If you pull a character (or they die) : you need to release the character so that another can use the avatar if they so chose. We had two characters written out and one pulled, the avatars have been released.

Thank you.

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Re: The list

Post by fairfolk » Sat Jan 06, 2018 3:36 am


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