Escaping the Nightmare (Anneliese Mood)

Located in the heart of Mount Baker-Snoqualmi National Forest, this caern serves as the center of the local Garou population.
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Escaping the Nightmare (Anneliese Mood)

Post by Skye » Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:07 am

Anneliese Gehrant - Get of Fenris kinfolk
Defense 2 - Willpower 6 - Purebreed 3
Small-Framed - Striking Looks - Shield Bearer - Holistic Awareness

It was official, trying to wean herself off the dreamcatcher wasn't working. She had spoken too the spirit, but had no way of knowing if it heard or understood, spirits were not her area. She had taken the thing to Sylvester to have him talk to it and ask for the Trials.

Now she looked at the thing with more than a little trepidation before she thanked it again solemnly before hanging it up and curling up with her pack, settling in to sleep. Here, at least, she knew she was safe, even as she acknowledged the silliness of sleeping with a teddy bear and her packmates at her age. Our didn't make her any less grateful for them.

She slowly drifts off and the black ominously peaceful black softens into her opening her eyes and stretching, warm in the glow of being cuddled against by a big body behind her, a little body in front of her with an arm thrown over her and resting on her own hip. There was the soothing sound of everyone breathing and it felt like home. Somehow in the dream, she knew she knew everyone there. There was her mate, her child, another's child, everyone was safe and it felt golden. Then she noticed the baby in front of her seemed blue, everyone was blue... the sound of breathing was gone and a threatening creaking replaced it.

Rock, wood and dirt began to fall and Anneliese tried to wake the others with no success, crying as she pleaded with them to wake. In the real world, she'd begun to wrestle with the covers and moan, pleading. The ceiling finally collapsed, falling in on her. She coughed dirt, breathing it and finally woke. She didn't wake with a scream four every nightmare or even every night, tonight, though, it was another painful sounding scream that ripped away the peace of the night.

She sat up, breathing hard, trying to catch herself. The first attempt was a resounding failure.

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