Not Quite Over [Log: Orion & Samandriel]

For scenes that take place outside of Seattle
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Not Quite Over [Log: Orion & Samandriel]

Post by Jaling » Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:54 pm

It was their next weekly appointment from their previous visit and they had scheduled
something outside the city on the south side, this time at the SouthCenter mall. There
Orion waited in the parking garage at a pre-arranged floor and column for his fiery other.
Sitting in his recognizable vehicle.

A little green VW pulled into a parking space not to far away, she slipped out of the car
and gave a once over for the man's vehicle. Spotting it, she moved away from hers and
with a click of her key ring the alarm was set.

she was dressed tonight in a pair of black leggings and a black long sleeved turtle neck,
with a black feminine leather jacket. The only color on her, was two. The bright red of her
hair and the bright red of her thigh high boots. She strode over to his car and rapped on the
trunk as she passed around to the passenger seat

After a second the door unlocked and would be able to be opened from outside. Tonight
himself he wore a long-sleeve buttonless t-shirt and windbreaker over new dark jeans and
dark tennis shoes. He looked a little tired and the mundaneness of his lifestyle in her
absence clung to him like it had the past couple weeks, but the smile on his face when he
saw her had a different feel to it this time than the last several weeks. Yes, happy to see
her, but something else too.

She started to get in, felt his presence and stopped. She leaned down and eyed him a
moment, but seeing his smile she returned it and slipped into the car. "Hello lover"

"Hello." he replied. A bit curious to the pause, but he couldn't blame her for being
cautious. He'd done his own fair share of sweeps of the area just being here early and

Once she was inside, "We can go eat, go to the hotel..." a pause, and then, "...or we can go

She looked at him "IS it over then?"

"Over? Probably not." A shake of his head. "They did their damage. I still need to track
one more person down, but I've lived at home for the past couple days and swept it for
almost everything. No attacks." Which would explain the tired look on him. Sleeping in
unknown safety meant no sleep. At least no natural sleep.

She gave a slow nod "Home then. We can call for boots later. Id like to see how much dirt
is settled from our absence"

Orion smiled and started the car. Pulling out of the parking spot headed out of the garage
in the direction of the nearby freeway.

"Are you ok after that long in the Dreaming?"

"i told you Id be in and out" She said looking out the window, then looked at him. "I think
your Technology based assassins visited the Duchess freehold"

And the smile was gone again. A glance at her while he replayed her words a time or two
then focusing back on the street. "Is everyone alright?"

"Scarred. But alright. " She noted. He was going to see it later anyway. she pushed up her
sleeve to where the man had touched her and held it up. Her arm was blackened and red
there, like a burn. "Their mere presence was enough to cause issue, their touch was pain.
If not FOR boots, I believe that Joseph and I would have been undone. She too carries the
scars of the encounter"

Instead of looking at it right away, his eyes darted from mirror to mirror to mirror, using
them as a focus to see around and behind him. Once that settled into place, even though it
wasn't necessary, he turned to look at it. She could see he took a concentrated quiet breath
in and exhaled out his nostrils before looking straight again. Clearly not pleased at the
mark. "Would you mind helping me find a way to properly thank her, later?"

She shrugged "I probably can" She chuckled and leaned back, pulling the sleeve back

There was a brief silence, followed by a, "Does it still hurt?"

"Yes" She said softly. "Its cold and ...numb would say it doesn't hurt but it's like, needles
and numb. a different kind of pain then actual pain"

"That's what I could end up doing to you if I don't keep at losing banality?" The thought
that touching her could cause her that much pain because of living a life where he only
acted like magic wasn't real was...not acceptable.

"What happens when it comes to banality is that it shreds our fae soul. This.." She
motioned "shell would live, maybe even have a personality I don't know but who I am,
what i am, would be gone. Banality is not pain, its death and it's not something we come
back from when we are undone. This, thing, could have caused my undoing with
prolonged touch. So yeah, if your banality continues to rise and not lower, yes It could not
only hurt me, but destroy me"

That gave him a whole new appreciation for just how in denial and hell bent on destroying
'deviants' these Technocrats were. If Sam, Boots and Jeremiah were worried about his
banality, how far gone were the ones that came after her?

"I need to come up with another way of going dark when I need to. While you were
gone...I picked up a lot of my old habits."

"I could feel that when I opened the door" She said looking over at him, and shrugs "just
need to figure it out and fix it a bit, shake your routine?

"Find a way not to send you away." Although having seen that mark on her arm, now he
wanted to lock her away in the Dreaming. Being insane wasn't so bad. Better than being
undone on a metaphysical level.

"What happened to the ones that attacked you?"

She snickered at his question "The Dragon ate them. AFTER Puss in Boots lead a small
childing army in assaulting them to get off me and Joseph"

Well that caused his brow to scrunch alright. The image of Boots leading an army of
children was one image, but then a dragon eating them...well she had said the Duchess had
a dragon...

"Thought you were lying about the dragon to put me at ease." After all, dragons didn't
exist any...well apparently they do here. And chimeras too. The Fae-touched were a force
to be reckoned with here. "Was the dragon undone?"

She shook her head "No, but it was badly wounded. Think he will be alright, he is kind of
attached to the balefire right now. Thats a source of faery magic"

The vehicle turned right, up an on-ramp to take the freeway north to Seattle. Shaking his
head at the thought of it. Curious if that was their version of a node and how it could heal
a dragon.

"Does it have to heal on its own, or can magic help?"

"Fae have healing powers" She said and reached out taking his hand. The hand she used,
the one scarred now was unusually cold for her. "So some fae who can heal, are trying. but
damage from banality is harder to heal if even possible. I should take you to see him
sometime, hes beautiful:

The hand she took gave her's a little squeeze in return. Though the cold was a bit
concerning, as was the wound, she was alive. Wounds could heal.

"I can heal some." he offered, but glancing to where the wound was and back, he doubted
he could heal that. "Take me to see who? The dragon?"

She watched him and half smiled "I don't think you could heal it. With the weight of the
world so heavy on you, it might do more harm than good right now"
she grinned "Yeah, his name is Castiel. "

He...hadn't thought about that. There was probably the possibility of making it worse or
undoing her healer's magic. His lips twisted some at that and he nodded.

When it came to the dragon, he chuckled and nodded a little. "I would like that." he
paused, unsure if he should tell her. Here, though, in this place. Magic was different and
he wasn't a secret keeper anymore...

"Good, Ill take you to see him later. I am sure the duchess wants to meet you anyways, to
see who it is that attracts such unwanted attention for her subjects" She snorted a bit "Just
gotta watch out, shes Dragon kin"

That, caused him pause. Mind churning up spins on truth and lies already. Maybe the
truth. "What does she know so far?"

"That you pissed someone off enough to come after your family. And they were pretty
bad, and that you work with the FBI. I live with you and you have pajama parties with a
childling. That was NOT my telling by the way...and your name is Ryan. Why?" She
looked at him and tilted her head

There was a bit of an eyeing at the pajama party part, but her knowing that would work
more to his favor in this instance and he knew it. "Because this is serious enough that
hiding what I am probably isn't an option with her." Assuming he could even hide it from
someone as powerful as a Duchess, however powerful that was. Though he could safely
assume quite a bit since she had a dragon at her command.

"How xenophobic is she?"

She blinked "I...don't know actually." She considered and then after a bit "Let's go
tomorrow, and I'll introduce you. And we can get Boots"

He took a breath and nodded. Probably the worst Awakened to play diplomat there was,
but he couldn't have anyone else do this for him.

So he nodded in agreement to her idea. Better to do it before the dragon healed up too
much. "I won't worry about it too much tonight, but tomorrow, I'm going to need all day to

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