A Student Returns [Micah Mood]

Located east of Pioneer Square, the Chinatown-International District (also known as the CID) is the center of Seattle's Asian American community. It is home to a long-running night market, the Historic Chinatown Gate, the Kobe Terrace gardens, and a vast variety of shops, restaurants and museums that tap into the culture of the Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese people that call the neighborhood home.
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A Student Returns [Micah Mood]

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Immediately precedes Crossing Paths

Micah Beaumont
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The building was short in stature, mostly wood with stone reinforcements here and there and a simple set of wooden double doors that opened into the courtyard at the center. There a well-kept grass field could be found, used as a place to train and learn what could be taught, both by the instructors there and from one's own heart.

Off to one side, a red wooden shrine could be seen, a small golden statue of the Buddha sitting within along with an ever-burning stick of incense and offerings left by the students. It was in front of this shrine that Micah stood, head bowed as he honored the one represented within, and recalled how that statue had changed his life for the better.

A decade prior, he had entered this same space and saw not a place of enlightenment and peace but something to rummage through and find things that he at the time believed had worth. The glint of the golden statue had caught his eye, and after waiting until no one was around he had taken in from the shrine and started to leave. He had not been as alone as he had thought, however, and the man who owned the dojo caught him red-handed with his prize.

Rather than turning him over to the police, however, the man spoke with the boy, learning why he thought the act he had attempted to commit was necessary. The boy was offered a job cleaning the dojo in the mornings, which soon led to him studying the arts under the older man's watchful eye. That in itself led to the blossoming of wisdom that had made the young man into what he was today, something that he was eternally grateful for...

A voice spoke from behind the man who stood at the shrine, his voice still warm and full of understanding. "It still captures your eye, I see."

Micah turned around to look at the older man, a small smile slipping into place. "For different reasons, now. It's good to see you, Smoke."

"And I you, young man." Wafting Smoke motioned for the Akashic to follow, heading into the roofed portion of the building used for classes when the weather called for such things. "Come, and you can tell me how things went while you were gone."

Micah nodded and followed, spending some much-appreciated time with a man that had taught him so much. That one moment of kindness had made all the difference in the world; what else could one ask for in life but a second chance?

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