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Ragabash - New Moon
Questioners and tricksters who stalk the Wyrm with guile and cunning.
Initial Rage: 1
Beginning Renown: Three in any combination

Theurge - Crescent Moon
Seers and shamans who clearly understand spirits and their ways.
Initial Rage: 2
Beginning Renown: Wisdom 3

Philodox - Half Moon
Judges and lawmakers who balance the dual nature of man and wolf.
Initial Rage: 3
Beginning Renown: Honor 3

Galliard - Gibbous Moon
Lore-keepers and talesingers who tell the deeds of Garou past to inspire the present.
Initial Rage: 4
Beginning Renown: Glory 2, Wisdom 1

Ahroun - Full Moon
Warriors and protectors who bring destruction to the Wyrm wherever it dwells and breeds.
Initial Rage: 5
Beginning Renown: Glory 2, Honor 1

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