Have you seen this child?

This is where what should go in the news for all to see goes. Insure you have permission from your admin to post something that might affect the venues and not just your character.
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Have you seen this child?

Post by fairfolk » Thu Oct 05, 2017 4:14 am

Sometimes, you'd catch his face on the side of a Milk Carton. Occasionally the news would be hit with a small blurb about the son of a Wealthy businessman going missing, last seen with a woman with this face. Those kinds of things sort of went unnoticed by the public at large. Another face, added to the Walmart's missing children boards. Another set of parents missing their son.

This was different, somehow more tragic because of who the child was. While the news, the police, and the local neighborhoods had been alerted to the face of the boy, the freehold got a similar, yet different tale from emissaries from the Duchy of Destiny's Heart . Aerin Faolin ap Gwydion, Hier Apparent of the Duch of Destiny's Heart, has gone missing. Aerin is described as a Sidhe with blue eyes made of lightning, and black midnight hair.

A picture is requested by the neighboring Duchy to be posted up throughout the Freehold and distributed in key locations to the Kithain - an almost perfect drawing of a boy which could only be crafted by Dougal hand. The picture states that any information on the whereabouts of the young Duke-to-be will fetch a handsome reward in dross. The reward for his location and secured safe return is the returnee's choice of title, land, or artifact.

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Re: Have you seen this child?

Post by Beast Boy » Thu Oct 05, 2017 5:22 pm

Michelangelo “Mic” Murdock
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Mic took notice of the picture and story of the missing heir of the neighboring Duchy. Mic himself leaned in close. Looking the picture over. Poor kid. Missing. He looked to Gem on his shoulder.

"Wot do ya think, girl? Keep an eye out for the lil lord and see iffin' we can get 'im back ta were 'e belongs?" The little dragon made a sound and Mic fed her a bit of slim jim. Looking back to the rendering. Pulling out his S8+ he took a picture of it. Incase he ran into the little lightning lord on the street. He'd want to double check

"Lets go check some o' the local haunts. See iffin' anyone's had sight o sooch."

Mic wasn't sidhe. Wasn't ennobled. Nor a knight. Not yet, but he had a good heart and wanted to help. Many fae had troublesome starts as childlings. The Chimerical world was alot to take and some came to bad ends due to it.

An Heir to a duchy, had all kinds of things to worry about on top of that. So Mic would help out and look about. See if he could turn up anything.

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Re: Have you seen this child?

Post by QuicksilverFox85 » Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:22 pm

Meghan Cavanagh
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Meghan had actually walked past the drawing at first, buried as it was among the postings at Ishmael's coffee house. It wasn't until she had gotten her drink and walked past the board again to find a table that she properly saw it, eyes widening a touch as she read over the notice. A quietly-whispered "Crap..." slipped from her, quickly covered up by her taking a sip of her coffee as one of the other fae in the room mosied over to look over the flyer.

The redcap elbowed Meghan in the arm, sharp teeth showing as he grinned. "Could get a pretty little penny for that sprog, yeah?"

"Yeah..." She gave a small nod, inching over a step or three. "Hope the kid's okay."

"Psh." The redcap waved her off, chuckling darkly. "Okay enough to be turned back in to his parents, anyway..."

The clurichan watched as he headed off, visions of treasure dancing in that thick skull of his, then looked back to the drawing with a small frown. "Well, this is going to get interesting..."

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