Night conceals. ( Werewolf Mood )

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Night conceals. ( Werewolf Mood )

Post by Beast Boy » Sun Jun 11, 2017 1:43 am

“In-N-Out” Nameless III
| Bone Gnawer | Galliard | Primal Urge 4 | Eidetic Memory | Directional Sense | Territorial Familiarity (City) | Struggling |
Eyes snapped open and looked left, and right, then slowly ….. up. Seeking any sort of threat or danger. No threat was perceived. The small Sub-sub-basement ‘apartment’ was the same it ever was. Poured concrete walls on 4 sides, one door to the narrow chasm that was charitably called a ‘hallway’ the other door to a closet that happened to have a toilet and smallish shower installed that was just as charitably called a ‘bathroom’.

The walls covered with movie and concert posters. Other images ripped out of magazines and what have you. Plastered floor to ceiling. The low watt bulb was currently off, but the simple blue eyes could see pretty well in the dark. No threat lurked in the smallish subterranean room.

The nose sniffed as well. No strange smells. That wasn’t to say that there were no smells at all. There were plenty. Not the least of which was the scent of the lair’s inhabitant. Old food wrappers and what have you added to the cornucopia of scents. One might almost call it a miasma.

So the room was clear. The large head lifted from the pile of mattresses in a corner. Shaking, the fur rippling as it did. Standing the inhabitant stretched, working out the kinks. The ceiling was surprisingly tall for a sub-sub-basement apartment. Likely because the room was meant to be something else. But it was tall enough he could stand with out bashing his head on the ceiling which was good. A moment was taken to rotate the massive shoulders and then a deep breath taken.

The form started to change. From a 10’4” furry monster, it started to shrink. To shed mass. Seeming to suck in on itself, popping and crunching of bones as the muzzle changed and retracted, pulling into a shrinking skull. The skin seeming to ripple as tons of dark fur was sucked back in, almost like the creature was absorbing the fur through it’s pores. The beast shrank down down down from it’s 10 foot 4 height. Smaller and smaller until it stopped around 6’4” 170lbs. A man now stood where the monster once had existed. He extended his arms to the side and then above his head stretching. Working out the kinks of taking on a form that was ‘not’ your own.

A few steps were taken and he entered the ‘bathroom’. A small cube that had the commode and instantly beside it, the shower. A few moments were taken to relieve himself. He didn’t pee in the shower. He was civilized after all. He turned on the water for the shower as he peed. The first minute or so the water ran brown.. then green for a few seconds and finally clear… it took a few more minutes to heat up and then he jumped in. Using dish soap he lathered up quickly and rinsed. Washing his short spiky hair and singing to himself as he did so. Rinsing off he put tooth paste on a tooth brush and brushed the hell out of his teeth. When he was done the shower was shut off the tooth brush left to hang on the string from the shower head, and he jumped out. A thread bare towel scavenged from the local YMCA was put to use drying his long and lanky body and running over his spiky hair, leaving it sticking up at all angles.

He sniffed the air and went over to a stack of milk-crates that he used as a dresser and rooted through the clothes. Finding boxers with chili peppers on them he pulled them up and took a moment or two to arrange his junk. Nodding to himself, some baggie olive green pants that may have been military, some time around world war two, were donned, then a search through a half dozen teeshirts looking for the proper one. A smile when it was found, and pulled over the slender one might even say skinny chest. “Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers!” It proclaimed boldly. A set of suspenders were added and pulled up over his shoulders. A roll of neon green duct tape with runes etched in hanging from one. What looked like an old Compass pouch hung from the other. A grunt and he sat on a milk crate and pulled on plaid argyle socks and finally old jump boots. To finish off the look a pair of old aviator goggles were pulled on over his head and down to hang around his neck.

Standing he went to the shelf above the pile of mattresses that the monster slept on and gathered gear and loot. Filling the many pockets of his pants. Once done he stepped to the corner and tapped an intricate cage there. One that he’d constructed himself from many different ones’ procured from pet stores around the city. Wired together and forming a multi level mansion for the cage’s single inhabitant.

The inhabitant came out of a shoe box at the bottom and went up the many ramps and levels till it reached the one with the door that the man was tapping on. It was a rat. A rather strange looking rat, but the man had been an exceptionally strange looking monster. The rat itself had fur that was simply… bright green. Neon green. Acid green. What ever you might like to call it. It didn’t appear that way in nature.

The door was opened and the rat jumped out onto the man’s hand and was transferred up to his shoulder.

“How you doin’ tonight, Gozer?”
Gozer, for her part stood up on her hind legs and leaned towards the mans face. He gave her kisses on her nose till the rat bit his lip and he yelped. “Fuck Gozer! You’re such a bitch!” But he didn’t smack the rat off or anything. He reached up to pet it as he grabbed his bag, slung it over his ‘other’ shoulder and went to the door. “looks like we might need to get you some more fur dye soon. You’re getting white again”

The rat, Gozer, for it’s part. Had nothing to say on that observation.

The man lifted the heavy cross bar that barred the metal door. Sitting it to the side. Then the secondary crossbar. Then the crow bar that wedged under the handle. Twirling it and sliding it through he suspenders in the back of his pants almost like a scabbard. Then the Cinder blocks that were stacked at the bottom were moved to the side. The door opened and he stepped into the slender ‘hallway’ out side the apartment. Closing the door, he locked it, then the 4 dead bolts that he’d installed himself, he stacked up cinder blocks in front of it, and then slid a wall panel in front of it as well. Nodding to himself he slid side ways down the narrow hallway because even his slender form wouldn’t fit walking normally.

Getting to a heavy steel door at the end, by the boiler he unlocked it, and slid it open, then slammed it shut behind, locking it. Up the rickety narrow steps to the door to the ‘sub basement’ and that one was unlocked. Stepping out, he locked it behind… up more steps to the basement. A cell like door of bars was opened and shut behind him. Locking it he then went to the side, opening a door to the outside, he finally stepped into free air, closing it behind him he locked it and went up 15 steps finally at ‘street level’.

Sniffing the air he grinned to Gozer. “Ready to prowl the night my furry friend?”

The rat squeaked and rode the man’s shoulder as they set out into the night.

Night was better.

Night concealed.

It was a lesson that the monster had learned when but a child, before he -could- assume the form of a man. He couldn’t be seen, so night was safer.

It hid him.

Embraced him.

Counted him as it’s own.

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