Working the streets. ( Werewolf Mood)

Head to this artsy, waterside enclave to snap a selfie with the iconic Fremont Troll and to enjoy the neighborhoods delicious offerings and free spirited charm. This room encompasses Meni Dumpling Tzar, Pacific Inn Pub, HA! , Fremont Sunday Market, Show Poney, Fremond Brewing, MiiR, Fremont Abby, Norms, Browers Cafe, and George & the dragon Pub
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Working the streets. ( Werewolf Mood)

Post by Beast Boy » Tue Jun 13, 2017 9:50 pm

“In-N-Out” Nameless III
| Bone Gnawer | Galliard | Primal Urge 4 | Eidetic Memory | Directional Sense | Territorial Familiarity (City) | Struggling |
In-N-Out made his way down the street in Fremont wind blowing in his spiky dark hair as the mountain bike wove in and out of pedestrian traffic. Narrowly missing some, others given more a wide berth. Coming to 36th street he made his way behind “Chinapie” which was an intresting sort of Pizza/Asian Fusion sort of place. Rolling into the alley behind the building he paused, sniffing the air. Nodding a bit he waited. The back door opened and a young man came out with a bag. Putting it on top of the dumpster. They’d unlock the dumpster later and put all the trash in at once. In-N-Out was waiting in the shadows. When the guy headed back inside, he pedaled down the alley and stopped by the bag. A flick of his left wrist and a blade gleamed in the evening light. The top of the bag was cut open revealing the remnants of many a well to do person’s Pizza.

The young Gnawer’s back pack swung around and he opened it up. Inside was a large Tupperware container. It was opened and In-N-Out carefully went through the bag. Pulling out whole slices that were not covered in trash or anything and carefully putting them in the Tupperware. People seldom threw out entire pies at an upscale place like this, but they very very seldom finished entire ones either. That meant that there were half pies, quarter pies, and a number of single pieces. They were salvaged and carefully put in the large Tupperware container. When it was full he sealed it and slipped it back into his back pack, popping a sausage into his mouth he chewed and tied the bag back up. Causing a mess back here might make them change their practice. Not that getting into a locked dumpster would even slow him down, but it’s a lot nicer to just roll up and paruse.

He peddled out of the alley and headed over to Canal street and down a few blocks. Where the glitz and glam wasn’t quite so polished. He rolled up to some working girls on one of the corners and grinned.

“Heeeeey ladies! Workin’ hard or hardly workin’!?”

The working girls laughed and headed over to him. “Hey Nameless! You here to buy or sell tonight?”

For his part In-N-Out just smiled and pulled his bag around to the front and sat it on the cross bar of the bike. “Here to feed you workin’ bitches. I’m sure you’re all hungry for something you don’t mind swallowing.”

A few laughs and one shorter girl punched him in the arm. “You know we always swallow for you!”

He laughed and opened the bag and pulled out the large tupperware container and popped it open. “Fresh from Chinapie. Got a variety tonight. Some of these are really good. Eat up. Eat up.” He passed the large container around and happily fed them. Chatting with them for a few minutes as they ate.

“You girls having any problems? Anyone giving you grief?”

A few looked between themselves and the shorter one. Candi her name was, spoke up. “Yeah Namless. There’s this dude comes by on Tuesdays. Drives a BMW. A few of us have had dates with him. John pays well and all but he gets rough.”

In-N-Out listened and nodded, reaching into his bag and pulling out a much used Nalgeen, he opened it and passed it around.

“Rough.. most of us can take.. but this guy.. he likes to mark us. Black eyes.. busted lips. Shit that’s you know.. beyond the normal slap and tickle… interferes with us working. Girl last week lost three teeth and ended up in the hospital”

In-N-Out frowned. “Well that shit’s not fuckin’ by Koshir rules!”

The girls nodded. In-N-Out looked around. “So… here’s the question…. Is the Juice worth the squeeze?”

The girls seemed to think about it and it was Candi that spoke up first again. “At first it was… a black eye for that kinda green… kinda even trade off. But losing teeth? The guy’s ramping up.”



In-N-Out shook his head. “Just a word… got it from Criminal Minds.”

They chuckled a bit but Candi went on. “he’s beat all of us at least once, and yeah if he’s knocking out teeth. Sure as shit more of us is gonna end up in the hospital before too long. Or worse.”

In-N-Out nodded and passed around the container of pizza again till they all had their fill and closed the container slipping it back into his bag.

“Bout what time does this guy come by?”

They conferred and came back “About an hour from now. Maybe two”

The gnawer nodded. “Word. I’ll roll back by here then. None of yall get in the car with this guy before then. Kay? I’ll handle it.”

The hookers smiled and one leaned to smooch his cheek then patted it. “Thanks Namless. You’re a freak but you’re one of us”

Nameless smiled and nodded, sliding his bag around behind him and taking back the water bottle. He then put foot to pedal and rolled on down Canal street, turning north on Fremont Ave, up to North 49th and block from the Zoo. Grinning to himself he traveled down North 49th over to Aurora, and down to Sniff Seattle Dog wakers. Hopping off his bike he walked it around back and checked on a few kin that stayed around there. Making sure everyone was still present, noone had played ‘roll a bum’ or the like. A few of the remaining slices of pizza where passed out, and he checked on Grandmother Garcia. Whom was homeless and older than dirt but liked staying near the dog walkers because she could see the animals.

Kneeling beside her he patted down his pockets and came up with a small altoid tin. Opening it up he gave her two Aleve. “For your arthritis Grandmother” He even made sure she took one with a bit of water.

After that check in was done he headed north on his bike to the Zoo. Hiding the bike behind some tall bushes (and chaining it up) he went over the wall, landing in a crouch. Then silently padded through the zoo on his old well worn chuck taylors. Inside the night watchmen was one of ‘theirs’, and In-N-Out checked in with him. Making sure no one had messed with the animals in HIS zoo.

Walking a circuit with the kinfolk guard, he got to see some of the animals that only came out at night. When the crowds were gone. Leaning on a rail in the “Northern Trail” Exhibit he smiled down at the Gray Wolves there. Nodding to a few of his lupine friends. Over the last 50 years, records said 24 wolves had been born here. The truth was there was at least double that. A hand full had turned out to be trueborn. Not tons, but enough. The pack produced. In-N-out made sure to check on them every night, that he could.

After his near-nightly communion with the pack he pushed off the rail and thanked the kin guard.

“Gotta go. Got a date with a workin’ girl!”

The guard laughed. “Sure you do, Nameless. As if you make enough money slinging hotdogs to SLING your wheiner to one of them!”

Nameless feigned insult. “Hey! Mine is so magnificent they give it away!”

“Riiight. Now I -know- you’re high!”

The Galliard crossed through the darkened trails and back to the wall. Up and over he landed and unchained his bike. Time was upon him. Time to go make sure his working friends down on Canal could work in peace. He pedaled hard down Aurora Ave and then hooked a hard right and headed up Canal. He got close and stood on the pedals looking for the girls. Sometimes they moved up or down a block depending. Seeing a few of them, as the others were no doubt on ‘dates’.

Rolling up he looked around. Candi wasn’t there but her friend Kelly was. She nodded. “You came back”

In-N-Out nodded. “Said I would. He come by yet?”

They shook their heads. “Any time now”

“Ok here’s the plan. I’mma stash my bike and bag. If he comes, who ever he picks up. Take him up two blocks to the wide alley and do the date there. If he gets rough, I’ll step in”

“Hey soldier if you wanna watch that costs extra!”

Nameless laughed and held up his hands. “Or I can leave now”

They smirked a bit and nodded. With that, he peddled up and into the alley. Hopping off the bike he slid it behind the dumpster there and secured his bag as well. Jumping ontop of the dumpster he went up to the second floor level of the fire escape and squatted down, wrapping the old ACU army surplus jacket around him, he pulled the goggles up to cover his eyes, and tied a bandanna around his face, covering nose to throat.

Then he waited, singing softly under his breath. “I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick…. I kissed a girl, just to try it, I hope her boyfriend don’t mind it… “

Another half hour and the gnawer was getting antsy. He was metis, unchecked energy coursed through is veins, and sitting and waiting was difficult for him. He’d pulled out an old rubix cube and was swiftly shifting the cube this way and that as he waited. At 47 minutes light turned into the alley and he froze, leaning back against the wall. Letting shadows and the ACU hide him. As well as elevation. Hardly anyone looked ‘up’ in the city. More people looked ‘down’ to make sure they didn’t step in something. “up’ was pretty rare.

The car turned out to be a late model dark blue BMW. He saw Candi through the wind shield when it pulled closer coming to a stop almost directly below where he perched.

In-N-Out couldn’t see them through the windows as he was right above them now but he listened. As he did, he slowly shifted up to Glabro. Putting on muscle and mass. As well as height. Behind the goggles and mask his features became more wild. His lanky height went from 6’4” to a full 6’10, but his muscle and mass is where it was at. Going from a skinny 170 to a full hulking 340lbs.

Two minutes had passed and he heard the first slap… then a cry of pain. Moving in the shadows he gripped the railing of the fire escape. A few more meaty flesh to flesh contacts that were NOT of the pay for play variety and he stood. At the girls scream, In-N-Out moved. His hand on the rail he went up and over. His long body extending as he came down like a crashing meteor.

Sure. He could have landed beside the car. Even in front or behind it. He didn’t. This was to make a point. The 340lbs of pissed off Bone Gnawer came slamming down right on the glossy dark blue hood of the Beemer. BOOM! Denting it in heavily, as he performed a flawless ‘Superhero landing’ on it.

Rising swiftly his foot lashed forward, impacting the front windscreen and shattering the glass. Car windows were made of safety glass so the kick managed to spiderweb it and obscure the view. In-N-Out was in motion though, after kicking the glass he hopped off the side of the car and went for the door handle. Flip! Locked. A grunt and he crouched a bit and lashed out with his elbow, shattering the window on the driver’s side of the car. The driver was fumbling for his keys but Candi had ripped them out of the stearing column. So he was hitting and smacking at her.

In-N-Out’s long arms reached through the shattered window and grabbed the guy. Three fingers sliding into the man’s mouth and HOOKING the cheek, the other hand getting a handful of the back of his suit jacket and with one heavy YANK the man was ripped out of the window of the car and FLUNG ass over tee kettle into he alley wall.

Guttural, behind the mask and goggles, In-N-Out spoke. “You wanna beat girls? You wanna HURT THEM?” A swift hard kick to the gut double the man over. “You wanna throw shade!??” Another kick to the gut, lifted the man off the ground and into the wall.

The garou growled, fighting to keep his birth form from exploding forth. Instead he stooped nd grabbed the guy by his combover, yanking him to his feet. A knee was swiftly applied to the guy’s balls. HARD. Hard enough to lift him off the ground a few inches. The man’s face was purple, after the kicks to the gut but the knee to the balls put him over the edge. He exploded forth and vomited. Only garou speed kept In-N-0ut from getting puked on as he stepped to the side. A grimise of disgust behind the bandanna.

Once the man had tossed his cookies he was yanked back up and slammed against the wall. “These girls work HARD motherfucker! You don’t hurt them! You pay um. And you fucking LEAVE!” SMACK! A bitch slap from left to right. SMACK! A back hand from right to left. Still holding the man by his throat, In-N-Out felt him up for his wallet and threw it through the window behind him to Candi. Then he turned back to the man.

“So you’ll never forget.” Flip flip flip a butterfly knife was opened and In-N-Out went to work. Carving “ABUSER” on the man’s forehead before throwing him BACK through the window of his BMW. Well the top half anyway. The pain, shock and utter terror had caused the man to pass out. The knife was flipped closed and he grunted in the darkness. Candi was across the alley now. Looking up a bit shocked. In-N-Out nodded to her, and jerked his head towards the alley mouth. “Go.”

She didn’t have to be told twice. She hauled her skinny ass out of the alley and back towards her corner.

Shedding mass, In-N-Out slipped back down to homid. The darkness of the alley. The swiftness of the attack would explain why he might have looked closer to 7 feet, than his normal 6 and a half. People weren't good at judging height over 6 foot anyway. The goggles had covered his eyes, the bandanna his nose, mouth and chin.

The man would live. He’d go to the hospital for the cuts on his forehead, which were not life threatening, but deep enough to scar. Chances are a plastic surgeon could fix a lot of it, but he’d never forget. Neither would the working girls. They’d remember whom to talk to if someone was beating on them. Not a ‘pimp’ as Nameless didn’t take any of their pay or demand freebies. He just helped out people on the streets and who worked there.

Going behind the dumpster he got his mountain bike and bag. Heading to the far end of the alley he peddled off into the night. Places to go before he slept. People to check on. Wyrm to sniff around for. Then, unlike many of his kind, a Job in the morning to report to.

Gotta sell those hotdogs.

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