No one chews on my McNuggets!! (Werewolf Mood)

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No one chews on my McNuggets!! (Werewolf Mood)

Post by Beast Boy » Fri Jun 16, 2017 3:25 am

“In-N-Out” Nameless III
| Bone Gnawer | Galliard | Primal Urge 4 | Eidetic Memory | Directional Sense | Territorial Familiarity (City) | Struggling |
In-N-Out had peddled back to the lot to meet up with his boss. Time had been taken cleaning out the Pizza Cart. Maintaining it. Making sure the extendable pannels were working properly as well as the awning. Making sure the heater worked well and everything was clean for the next day. His boss had come by of course to count what little was left, and count out his till. Doing the math right there infront of him, to ‘ensure there was no excessive loss’. There wasn’t. In-N-Out wasn’t above such things of course, but he wanted to keep the job so he worked by the rules. Less than half a pie’s loss, or 6 hotdogs a day. No exceptions.

Once it was done, In-N-Out was marked down, for his hours and what have you. His under the table pay would come in at the end of the week. In-N-Out signed the clip board and unhooked his mountain bike from the cart. Taking a moment to open the large army surplus backpack he pulled off the pizza uniform shirt and cap. Putting them in the bag he pulled out one of his 5 teeshirts, black with “New York Vigilantes. 1985” like a sports team with a hockey mask at the center, a hockey stick and croquet bat behind, and “Googala Googala” underneath. It was slid onto his slender torso. His goggles were pulled out. Wiped clean on the tail of the teeshirt and slipped over his head to hang around his neck. He donned his suspenders and made sure the neon green roll of duct tape with glyphs etched on in purple sharpie hung from one an the small canvas pouch that appeared like a small compass pocket was on the other.

Now properly attired he threw a leg over his bike and peddled out of the lot, heading down Stone Way North, till he got to the block above N36th. He ducked into an alley there and waited. Checking an old walmart watch hanging from one of the straps of his back pack he saw that he had a few minutes to wait. Pulling a checkered black and red tooth brush from a pocket he absently.

A sound from behind made him look over his shoulder and then smiled. Tara came tearing ass for leather up the alley on her own BMX bike and skidded to a hault beside him. A brow raised as he looked down to her. “You’re late McNugget.”

The girl smirked and looked behind herself and up at him. “Yeah.. well there’s a reason for that.”
In-N-Out frowned and reached over, grabbing her chin and tilting her head. Seeing the scrape on one cheek, and the cut up on the opposite side of her forehead. His eyes flashed and she held up her hands. “Whoa whoa whoa. Mellow… Mellow…. Don’t fang out. Mellow!”
In-N-Out growled and she shook her head. “HEY! In-N-Out!! Stop it! Snap out of it.” Dark fur had started to sprout up his forearms but she gave him a bit of a shake and he managed to bite it back. Will expended, to pull himself back from that tipping point, the one where in his birth form would explode forth and people would die. If it happened here, the wrong people would die and he’d catch all sorts of hell.

Once he had control of himself he grunted. “What happened McNugget?” The girl sighed and glanced behind her and back up to him.

“I was over at Two Shoes BBQ, you know. Keeping an eye out and looking for stuff to scavenge.”
In-N-Out nodded listening with a stern look on his face. “Well I had gone out back and was considering your advice about dumpster diving in a BBQ places dumpster and you know, how there’s often easier ways to get food” The girl tucked a lock of dark hair behind her ear. “A few teens came back and started playing roll the bum with that old dude that’s blind in one eye that sleeps back there. First they were just taunting him and .. I left it alone you know? We get that sort of shit most every day. Gotta have a thick skin to survive the streets. But then they started throwing bottles at him and one pulled a two by four out of some trash down the way. I yelled at them to leave him alone. They laughed at me. So.. I told um all to fuck off, and leave the old guy alone...”

In-N-Out frowned. “So they decided to come shut you up instead?”

She sighed and nodded. “yeah.”

In-N-Out turned his bike around in the alley to face west. “Then what happened?” She shrugged and bit her lip “Well they came up, so I pulled the crow bar out of my bag. They laughed. Like it was funny a girl might fight back”

“Did you do what I told ya to?”

“Hell yeah big daddy. I Swung like a motherfucker and hit the first one right in the knee. WANG!” She grinned. In-N-Out nodded.

“Good girl”

The girl beamed in his praise. “Well that surprised them and the first guy went down like a rock. So I stepped over him and swung with all my might. The big one in the middle tried to jump back but they were still in shock. WANG! Got that asshat in the knee too. Two down!”

In-N-Out nodded, eager to hear the rest of the story. “And??”

“And…. Well…… the third guy had figured out the play by then and swung the two by four, I tried to get the crow bar up to block and sort of deflected it but he caught me a glancing blow in the cheek”

In-N-Out reached up again grabbing the girls chin and turning her head. “break anything?”

The teen grunted at him “And exactly how the fuck would I know?”

He nodded, she had a point, so he prodded it a few times which got a hiss from the girl and she tried to nip his fingers but noting ‘crunched’ and her indication of pain didn’t seem proportional, as best as the metis could tell, with a broken cheek bone. He’d seldom had to deal with broken bones for more than a few seconds. A few minutes at the most.

“And then?”

She nodded. “I staggered back and he came to swing again. I ducked and came up, kicking him in the balls! He doubled over and his eyes did this funky bug out thing. So I took the moment to wang him as hard as I could in the knee as well. He fell and I took off running. Was getting on my bike and trying like mad to slide the crowbar into my back pack…. And it happened.”

“What happened?”

She sighed. “Well i’d dropped all three of them, like ya trained me, and in a way that wouldn’t get me locked up for attempted murder, like a knife to the gut might.. but… they still had use of their arms.”

The Galliard nodded. The girl went on. “One of the mother fuckers got his hand on a brick. Well not a whole brick but a hunk of brick. About hand sized and he flung it. Son of a bitch was in one of those jackets with the letters on it? I figure he was a quarter back or pitcher or something. He flung it from the ground, a good 30 or 40 feet away and caught me in the forehead. I was on my knees faster than a girl on prom night. Just boom. Seeing stars.”

In-N-Out growled and she patted his shoulder. “Shhhh….. So… All three of them were struggling to get up… I was seeing stars.. so I Got to my feet enough to push my bike out of there, and ran with it a block or two, till I felt safe to mount up and come here.”

In-N-Out nodded. “Ok. Lets go to the gas station. Get you cleaned up, then you can take me over there. Maybe we’ll luck out and they’ll still be in the area. I’ll know um by their limping”

Tara, also known as “McNugget” among the gnawers of the city sighed. “You gonna kill um?” In-N-Out grunted. “Probably not. Murder of three high school students brings down a lot of heat… but beat the shit out of? Oh yeah. I can beat the shit out of um? Fuck yes”

With that they mounted up their bikes and rode over to the nearest gas Station. Nameless went in and got the bathroom key, a she was bleeding from a scrape on the cheek and a cut on the forehead. He unlocked the door and let her go in to wash out both. He rooted in his bag, till he found the small first aid kit. Not that a first aid kit would do much of anything for a garou’s wound, most especially him, but there were kin, and not kin homeless. McNugget was kin. HIS kin, and he took care of her. When she washed out the wounds he stepped in with the kit. Spraying some stuff on the cheek abrasion and a bandaid on the cut on the forehead.

They’d stop by the Waypoint later.

They crossed Fremont on bikes. As they met up on the east side and Two Shoe BBQ was on the west. They kept an eye out for teens in Letterman's jackets as they went but didn’t see any. McNugget sighed. “Dude, they probably got in their car and left”

“Did you see a car?”

“Well no. I hauled ass. I’m saying, it’s not like guys like that walk everywhere.”

In-N-Out nodded, but it didn’t hurt to look. They got all the way to the BBQ joint with out seeing them and then around back. The boys were indeed gone and noone to be seen. Not even the half blind bum. He’d likely found a better place to be, when they were roughing up Tara. They entered the alley behind the BBQ joint and looked around. Once they were doubly, and triply sure noone was there to see, In-N-Out dismounted his bike and let McNugget hold it. He then slid his bag off and put it by the bike and investigated up and down the alley. Stepping over he crouched beside the dumpster and then behind it. A few moments of popping, crunching and other less than appetizing sounds, he stepped out in his ‘lupus’ form.

He was canine, but his markings seemed to scream ‘something else’. The charitable called it ‘prey markings’ and looked down on him for it. It wasn’t that he was hideous, it was that he didn’t look “WOLFISH”. His markings were dark black around the eyes. Dark gray over the body, but with black legs from about the knee down. His tail was bushy with black rings on it. His fur also presented a bit more of a ‘roundish’ look to his torso. The overall effect ended up at perhaps ‘cute’ or ‘fluffy’ and when you want to look like a bad ass killing machine for gaia, or at least, a majestic wolf, cute and fluffy prey animal is not the look you’re going for.

Shaking out his fur he headed to where McNugget pointed and found the hunk of brick that had hit her in the face. Sniffysniffsniffsniffsniffffffffff. He sucked in the scent on the object. The smell of McNugget’s blood but also the hand that had thrown it. A moment was taken, dedicating the scent to the perfect memory that gaia had blessed her Galliard with. The better to remember stories and tales, but also came in handy for other things… like marking the scent of one that had attacked his kin, so that if ever smelled again, the fucker can be taught his lesson.

After that he tracked over to where McNugget pointed, indicating the guys had roughed her up there. Sniffy Sniffy Sniffy sniff. Sniff sniff sniff. A few minutes were taken to weed out the ambient scents of the alley and commit all three of the boy’s signature scents to memory. After that he trotted back behind the dumpster and assumed again, his homid form.

Coming out from back there he dusted off his hands and knees, and made sure his clothing was hanging comfortably and correctly. Trotting over he shouldered his bag and took the mountain bike back from his kinfolk.

“Come on. Lets get you to the Waypoint. See if a theurge or coggie or something is around, and can heal your face”

She smirked. “Too bad they can’t do anything about yours”

In-N-Out nodded with a grin. “I know right?”

Together they peddled out of the alley and headed for the Waypoint. In-N-Out hadn’t caught the boys this evening, but he’d keep an eye and a nose out.

Oh yes. They would be found, and they would pay for roughing up the poor girl in the alley. The garou would make sure of that. The gnawers had no money, no wealth, no ancestors to call on for aid. They had kinfolk and they kept them close and protected them like gold.

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