Die Mechanics

This is where all the rules for the site are: from out of character to conversion rules to standards 'what is acceptable" on this site rules.
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Die Mechanics

Post by Jakondite » Wed May 16, 2018 9:58 am

Alright, so I'm posting this here so that we all have a clear understanding of the mechanics we're using, universally. This is the -basic- die rules for rolling, detailing what to do with the dice roller to get your results appropriately.

We recently switched from a nWoD game to an oWoD game. Until the dice roller has been updated, it defaults to ten again rolls, without one's subtracting, with a base difficulty of 8. When you make your die rolls, it is important to:

Click "No Dice Again".
Click "1's Subtract"
Modify the Difficulty to 6 (or whatever the difficulty is).

Keep in mind, this applies even if you have a specialty applicable to the roll. In M20, rerolling tens does not actually happen with your rolls. Instead, if you have an applicable specialty, 10s count as 2 successes rather than one. Unless you specifically have an effect designed to grant extra dice again, such as changeling's "Invoking the Wyrd", you will never reroll tens.

Of course, if you fail to do any of the above its a simple matter to count the dice old school style :P. If the dice roller is rolling ten again, just don't count the dice that are added from the tens. If the dice roller doesn't take off 1s, remove successes based on those ones.

Another thing to keep in mind - the limit on the dice roller is 20, and it does not accept apostrophes... for some reason. While it's unusual to need to roll more than 20 dice, it has been known to happen - especially in combat. If you make a roll though and it seems to fail to send, check to make sure you haven't typed in an apostrophe or other strange character in the description.

Dice Rolls for the Forums

So, most of the above applies to Forum Dice Rolls. When you need to make a roll for the forums, feel free to use the Psi DB because it logs your roll so that the admin may see. When rolling, simply click no rerolls, one's subtract, and post the actual difficulty in the descriptor as well as the actual successes.

With this in mind, if you are making an extended roll, especially one that may have more than two or three rolls, then don't use the Psi DB. It has a log limit of what appears to be 31, and 15 rolls for one ritual may very well prevent other rolls from being seen. Instead, contact an admin and let them know you are doing the roll and ask if they will witness it. If they do not have time, ask if you can roll it have one of the other staff witness it and send them the log for them to correct anything you might have issues with.

Do not have someone besides Tess, Quicksilverfox, or Myself witness it.

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