Reunited [Log: Orion & Summer]

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Reunited [Log: Orion & Summer]

Post by Jaling » Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:28 am

Takes place immediately after Ready Player One: All is fair in love and war

When the gathering at the teleportation pads had been dismissed, Orion guided Summer
off to a side room quietly. He looked like a mess. Torn clothes and Kevlar vest. It looked
like his left shoulder shouldn't even be there by the looks of his clothes, but he didn't even
have a scratch on his skin. The same with his pants, by the looks of their torn state he
should be leaning on her for support, but not so much as a limp as they made their way.
When they walked into the office, Orion closed the door behind them and once it was
closed, Summer would find the man offering to tell her about her father giving her a hug!

*She was still quite confused, and she had started to bit on the lower end of her lip, but
she had not shoved him, or try to kick him, or.... ask for a frying pan... yet. She did had
kept stealing his ways looks...

Once they were in she stood put in place as he closed the door, STILL staring at him... she
was just about to open her mouth to say something, when he hugged her and she seemed
to freeze for an instant, shocked... just to find herself hugging tightly onto him, burying
her face against his chest and.... of all things... bursting into cry, nop, she did not try to kick

When she clung to him he just held her. He was happy that she was safe. Happy that she
was in one piece and not dead or converted or erased from time. When she started to cry,
one of his arms came up and rested on the back of her head, almost cradling her. When he
spoke to her, it was almost in a whisper.

"It's ok. You're safe now."

*IT was... odd, a part of her head was telling her this was odd, it felt like something she
wanted and shouldn't have.... SO of course she held on tighter, shaking her head and
unable to stop crying... she knew him, she knew him and she could not really remember
anything! just that she knew him, and that it felt right he had come out when she was
asking about her father... so after a good moment, she did finally find voice to say, muffled
by his own chest* nhu uh!.. I don't get it! I don't u.. understand!

The hand on the back of her head was there lightly and when she started shaking her head
back and forth he let her move under the hand.

When she finally spoke saying she didn't understand, he loosened his grasp on her, letting
her step away if she wanted. "What don't you understand?" Incubus knew, but he had to
play the part. Acting ignorant for now to let her stay the facts Orion might otherwise not
intuitively get.

*She frowns, she didn't step out, she was actually clinging, like if she had been drowning
and had found something to hold onto, she was -not- letting go, but she frowned, eyes
puffy, still crying* I know you...*she said softly, like she knew the other one, the one she
thought was a teacher... but that had been chaos, she hadn't had time to get lost, she
frowned, racking her head, and shaking it* you'r... your not my father ... though *did she
sound unsure?*

When she held tight despite his allowance, he tightened his grip ever so slightly to
comfort her. Letting her speak. When she finished he shook his head, even if she couldn't
see the movement. "No, your father was a close friend of mine. When...something
happened to him, his last wish was for me to look after you." There was a pause and then
he admitted, "I did a pretty shitty job."

*oi! she did NOT want to hear that, she had felt it, a shrinking in her heart a bit ago, and
now it just seemed to break a little... even if she didn't -really- remember it felt like....
wait...* th... that's .. why it feels odd ... that you are hugging me?

While Incubus wanted to take care of this his way, he knew acting fully himself in this
instance would only confuse her and he wasn't sure how much of the paranoia was still
there. Plus, this wasn't the right time to let her know her caretaker was coocoo crazy. The
blend would have to do.

This time he nodded, "How I acted out there around the others was how I acted to you at
first. Cold and distant. Eventually we grew on each other. It just took time."

*She reached, kind of swatting at the tears off, and rubbing her eyes to look up at him*
w... w*nop, that was the question, not why* you... didn't want me around?

This time he didn't nod or shake his head. Instead giving her a very small, very sad smile.
"I did want you around." Looking like he was going to say something else, he stopped and
looked around the room and let out a breath. Saying the next quietly as if he was worried
someone would overhear, "...and need you around."

Looking down at Summer again. "I've known you in a couple timelines. In one I adopted
you and brought you into my family. You even agreed to change your name to match
mine. In another...I had no family. You saw me as a dad, but you also saw just how broken
I was. Even wrote me a letter saying as much before you were kidnapped."

*did she just... breathed? when he said he needed her... blinking... why did that feel like he
had lifted a stone off her heart? she shuddered, nodding a bit, then blinking, timelines, that
word again.... but she blinked... again* kidnapped... b.. byt those guys in the... the....dome
of doom thingy?

"I think so." he nodded. At least that's what Jack had been able to put together when he
saw she'd been brought captive. The state of the house when he found her letter. No
struggle, the baton extended, but left on the ground. No sympathetic strands to follow.
He'd never knew time well enough to try to track sympathetic threads temporally.
"I'm just glad your safe." The hand on the back of her head rested atop it and messed with
her hair slightly. The small smile not so sad now.

*There is a tiny nod... she looked still quite lost, and quite confused, but not so.... shaken?,
blinking as she subconsciously tried to un-mess her hair, blinking* I'm a mess, am I not?

*softly. Well not so MUCH, she was still in the white scrubs pants and white tank top that
she had been awaken into, her hair was a mess though*

Orion looked her over for a moment then messed with her hair a little more. "Now you

*she...smiled.. a bit and batted at his hand somewhat, sticking her tongue out at him a

When she swatted at him he chuckled lightly and stepped back away to give her some
space, unless she decided to cling to him again. "Things are different here. I'm not as
broken as I used to be, but I can't teach you here like I did before."

*she did not cling this time, though she did move near if he stepped too far off, taking a
moment to try to bid her hair into better shape.... pressing her lips* teach?

He nodded, "Magic. I used to teach you how to use it before, but here I'm still learning

*she blinks, then seemed to 'aaah'* Music

That got a bit of a smile out of him and a nod. "One of the first spells I taught you.
Couldn't teach you anything after that since you just kept plucking songs out of the air to
listen to."

Really?... that GOTTA have been cool *she smiled* how did I do it?

He thought for a moment and shook his head. "You used to be able to picture them in the
tapestry and pick radio waves out of the air to listen to. It's not as easy here."

why not? *she hummed, looking at the air*

"I'm not sure. Maybe it's because the towers aren't here, or maybe it's because Avatars cast
magic on our behalf and they need something specific." he shrugged. "It hasn't been easy.
Probably better that you don't remember how. Makes it easier to be taught without
conflicting beliefs."

Avatars? *her head tilting just some*

There was a bit of a nod and for a moment Incubus thought to try to manifest her...but
quickly decided against it considering the bitch would probably spill the beans about him
not really being Jack. So instead he gave her a small smile, "Mine is a bit...moody. Part of
the reason I've been able to fix myself is because she keeps pushing me." and bitching and
nagging, depending on the succubus's mood.

ah.... okay...*nop she didn't get it, but if it was good for him...*

"They're...symbiotic." A hand came up under his chin and scratched beneath his ear while
he furrowed his brow. "Would probably be better if someone else taught you about them.
We can compare notes when you find out what yours is." Oh Jack was going to hate that.
Probably shouldn't have said that last, screw it. Guy needed to open up to
Summer again anyways. Probably better that he starts that off.

someone else? *she fidgeted* but who *and a blink, then a faint smile, nodding just a bit*
okay... mine isn't going to be moody, is it?

There was a nod to the someone else. "There's a few different groups to choose from, but
we can talk about them later."

When she asked about her avatar, Orion gave her a very unhelpful shrug. "Whatever it is,
find a way to work with it. I butt heads with mine, but she refines me like a knife against a
whetstone. Sparks fly and you hear grinding noises, but I come out sharper for it." Wait,
that might have been more helpful than he meant to be. Damn, why couldn't this guy just
loosen up? Acting like him was stifling. "The couple I have seen are unique to the person
and chose them for a reason. Yours probably chose you for a reason. You just need to find
it and find out why."

*ok sword reference she understood, not sure why, but it made sense, so she nodded*
So.... who I go to then?

"Probably one of the things you'll find out over the next couple days while they get you a
new ID." Giving her a once over he nodded to the door. "Want to introduce you to a
couple of friends of mine if you're feeling up to it."

new ID? *she didn't remember her old... she bit her lips, then blinked, and nodded a bit*
okay....uh... we are going to stay here?

There was a nod. "Like Rachael said, for a couple days. For safety." Putting his hand on
the door he waited until she was ready to leave before opening it and walking out with her
to check on his cabal mates and introduce her at the same time.

you'll stay too... right? *she... did hurried up after him, moving to reach and hold onto
him, not so much clinging, but... needed it, she felt like she was drifting, and about to
panic. Mostly because she really, really seriously was not remembering nothing, but he
felt right, save... even if she felt a pang of doubt*

There was a pause as Incubus had been planning on vacating the premises and changing
bodies once he was done with everything for a night on the town, but the way Summer
asked that and hold onto him brought him pause. Smiling he nodded to her, "I'll stay too."

*She breathed then, nodding* okay

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