A New Home, If Only For A While [Log: Orion & Summer]

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A New Home, If Only For A While [Log: Orion & Summer]

Post by Jaling » Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:38 am

Summer had been told to gather anything she had at the sanctum they had been staying at,
in case anyone had given her anything at this point, and to say what goodbyes she wanted
to before heading out. Since the agoraphobic Adept had all but kicked everyone out, most
would be staying at a hotel if they didn't already have their own homes. However Orion
had told Summer that she wouldn't need that and today she would find out why.
So outside they climbed into a rather luxurious yet sporty BMW and, after waiting for her
to get buckled up, took off down the road.

*Weeeeeell... unless HE had given her anything.... I guess she was still wearing the
horrible laboratorie thingies with an old sweater she had either found or 'blame-guilted'
someone to give her.

She would not really talked a lot with everyone, mean she had tried but they were paranoid,
squealy or right out weird.... SO she just followed him, she MiGHT try to say bye to
Miles, ... if he didn't scream and ran... that is.
SO she followed, eyeing the BMW* is -that- one yours?.... can I drive?

Then just the duffle with a couple changes of clothes it was. Not a proper wardrobe and
pretty drab as far as style or fashion went since he hadn't taken her out to get those, but
clean clothes were clean clothes. Better than lab clothes at least.

When she asked her first question, Orion nodded, but then when she asked her second he
stopped where he stood and turned to look at her wondering if she was serious.

I'm -pretty- sure I know how to driiiiive *she was pretty sure.... but she wasn't sure, sure...
it felt like she knew how*

"Let's not have you experiment on your driving skills in my car." Giving her a bit of a look
at that when they came to a stop.

When they were at a light he went quiet for a moment and cloaked a spell to check the
odds to determine just how safe something was to do. An action that perked the host's
mind right up and Incubus could feel Orion watching him intently from within. A glare
that all but asked:

What are you doing?

A faint smile creased his lips as he got his answer. "You get settled in here in town, we can
look for a ride for you."

*She sighed, where WHOSE care she was going to... oh! she perked* really?! can we?!
*ooh yea, she Looooooved that idea* can I get a bike?

Internally he felt Jack shake his head, "Sure, what the hell." Though he did turn and look
at her. "If you can past the test."

Oh he was not getting any good vibes from his host, but the man was all but catatonic still
and refused to move. So Incubus was safe...for now. Though he would need to play it safe,
Jack was a vindictive bastard. Since she'd had a motorcycle before, if it was her, she
should be fine.

*She BEAMED* I will,.. you'll see... *she thought*

Another cloaked spell came as he looked from mirror to mirror to mirror to get a good
view all around him. Then, when the light turned green, he KICKED IT!

The car accelerated onto the freeway to get up to speed and Summer could feel the power
of the car's acceleration push her back into her chair until they finally reached the speed
limit and Orion backed his foot off the accelerator.

Oh he felt the glare, but he didn't care. There was no point in having a car like this if you
didn't open it up every now and then.

*She was still smiling when he hit the acceleration, which made her eep in surprise as
she got 'kicked' into her seat, there WAS a surprised look on her face, but there were little
memories in her head to be too shocked about, so she smiled widely, and actually
WOOOOOOEd!, straightening as she let her eyes wander around, as the world blurred pass
them!* can it go faster?

This checking Fate before doing things was pretty nifty. Incubus had no idea why Jack
had a stick up his ass about it. Alright, he did, but it was still damn useful to know when
you're not going to get ticketed for pulling stunts like that.

The car moved into a nice coasting speed and the luxury part kicked back in with the quiet
car noise and smooth ride.

"It can." he assured, glancing at the speedometer and seeing where the red line was for the
vehicle. An internal chuckle as he thought about how fast it could go with magic.
That got his cord yanked internally hard enough to visibly flinch.

Look, you asshole, I've been cooped up so long I could feel my phantom legs cramping.
I'm going to stretch them whether you like it or not. Just be glad I've managed to play tall
dark and boring to everyone else up until now and plan on keeping it that way.
Although the thought was obviously disregarding Summer to some degree.

*She grinned, that was NEAT! but she didn't ask him to go faster... yet.. mean no need
pushing her luck, a part of her felt this was odd, a part of her didn't care, she liked it!
speeding was just.... it made her feel SO alive! she smiled, do looking his way as
something seemed to bother him, her head tilting* you fine? *mean maybe you got mental
cramps for speeding... hold did you get mental cramps for speeding? *

There wasn't an answer. For now the 'cord' was loosened and Orion visually started
moving his neck back and forth. "Must just be getting old. Kink in the neck." A
convincing lie if ever there was one. Showing he still had a good a forked tongue as ever.
Glancing at the radio, he reached over and turned it on. Smooth jazz. Not bad, but he
wasn't in the mood for it. Preset two was classical piano. Preset three was classical
string...4, 5 and 6 were not programmed.
Seriously, Jack?

"Go ahead and hit the scan button until you find a radio station you like."

*She tilted her head, but nodded, he WAS an oldie, but not so much that was bad. Her
smile grew! and she leaned to find something good, and active and probably loud ((like
albatraoz!!! )) Maybe it was a good thing she had no memories, she'll be freaked out by
now* anything? you won't mind?

It was actually one of the first stations the scanner hit once it looped back to the low end
of the numbers. The beginning of the music could be heard in the background while what
ended up being a student spoke about their high school's radio station. Trailing off his
speaking a little late and overlapping the beginning of the song's words, but hey, it was a

Jack would be more reluctant to do something like this, but Summer was one of the people
he remembered stretching his need for patience. She didn't work well under the same
constraints he did, and she'd been cooped up after being 'freed' yet kept in a house. She
needed to breath as much as Incubus did.

All this reasoning to explain why he was letting the teenager touch Jack's radio, which
Jack decidedly disliked.

"I like it quiet, but I can handle it today."

oh! *she let it, after all disorder in speaking while music and backwards did not bother
her, and looked his way* thank you

A small smile came up and he nodded. "I might get grumpy sometimes, but put up with
me when I am, alright? No running off on your own and leaving me letters again."

*she blinks to him, blinking, for an instant seeming to stare, there -was- an odd pang in
her heart she hadn't felt before... had she? she blinked, blinked, and found herself having
to.... reach up, to brush a tear that had slipped down at those words, she kinda stared at it,
then at him* I... I did that? *she looked down at her fingers again, feeling a faint shudder,
then seeming to try to shake that feeling with a quick shake of her head, as she hugged
herself* I'm sorry...*she... wasn't sure why, but it felt... like.. it? *

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Re: A New Home, If Only For A While [Log: Orion & Summer]

Post by Jaling » Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:42 am

After the car drive home, which if Summer could remember would have probably been
more fun than any car ride she had with the split-minded Euthanatos, from the mall, they
would pull into a parking garage beneath a building that was right on the water. A couple
bags of clothes later, and they were making their way inside and up the elevator to the
place he said she would be staying for at least a bit, rather than a hotel.

*ooh, well probably good she did not remember or she would have become very paranoid
at the change. And I mean, a part of her did find it odd, but she did not listen to that part.
She had spent WAY too much time locked up with girly-nerd-who-did-not-answer-herquestions
and others who seemed creepy enough, so she enjoyed the time.

So when they arrived she gave the building a look and moved on to peek over a window
or a railing* you live near the water? do you swim often? have you tried jumping from a

He waited at the elevator for her to come back from the railing holding a couple of the
bags, though he did make sure she carried her share too. "The view upstairs is better."
Nodding for her to come over from the railing.

*She looked up, leaning a bit tooo much on the railing to do so!.. before moving back and
going to the lift with him! then hurrying back to pick the bags she left by the railing, then
back into the elevator* Which floor is it?

Probably the first, well second after being at the water's edge, was that after they stepped
inside he didn't press a button to go up to a floor. Instead swiping a keycard which chirped
pleasantly and started them moving upwards. "Second from the top. So no jumping into
the water from my balcony."

*oooh she eyed the card, then up to him* that is boring, you know? why would you want a
place by the water if you are not going to jump into it?

"Did you see the view?" he smirked and took in a breath of air. "Plus I like the smell of the

When the elevator opened, they walked to the door where he unlocked and opened it.
From the entrance was a short hallway that gave way first on the right to the kitchen with
an island then beyond that to a large living room with an amazing view of the water and
closed glass doors leading to the outdoor balcony. Beyond the kitchen was a dining table.
The decor was warm and welcoming and definitely had a woman's touch to it. A number
of closed doors as well leading to other rooms.

*Again, she first peered from inside the balcony, like if she had a kind of instintive thing
of looking in first, before stepping out.... ooh! and RIGHT onto his window! *
nice...*staring out a moment before looking back inside, her head tilting, mean it had NOT
ocurred to her before, like... she did not picture him as someone with .... someone.... why
it didn't fit in her head?* uh... are you married?

While she ran over to the sliding glass door Orion made his way to the bedroom the pooka
had been staying at and set the bags down in front of it. before heading over to her and
unlocking the glass door for her and opening it so they could walk out onto the balcony.

When she asked her question, he chuckled and shook his head. "Not officially, but we've
been together a long time. Neither of us is going anywhere without the other."

*She set her own bags for now to the side, where they would not trip over them, and of
course kind of ran to the edge of the balcony so she could look down, then on ahead... that
WAS and amazing view.... at his answer she did turned to him again* aww! *wait... why
THAT still felt odd? she shook her head* that IS romantic... why are you not officaly
married then? ooh! where is she?

He took his time walking to the edge of the balcony with her. Taking in a deep breath of
sea air. "There's a few reasons, but she knows I love her. That's what matters."

huhu...*looking to him still, her heas tilting* were... were you married before? when I met

He thought back to the various instances and versions of timelines where he'd been with
Sam and each variation of her. Then how to explain marrying a fetch. "That's complicated.
I'll say, not the way that she wanted."

uh...*she nodded, looking on to the sea bellow, and back to him* it feels odd to think you
married, dunno why...*then she shruged, and kinda hopped onto his balcony's railing,
sitting there as she let her feet move a bit back and forth, sighing, it felt fustrating not
finding memories, like an itch you could not reach, it was fustrating and annoying* did I
met her before?

"Not the type. Probably why." When she hopped onto the railing, he righted a little bit to
make sure she didn't jump. Then relaxed a little when he saw she was just sitting on it.
"You slip or jump and I will set you up in a hotel." Ok, there's probably some of the
seriousness that rang familiar in her.

"You did. She helped look after you. Stood up for you too." Taking out his phone he sent
her a text and slipped the phone away. "Probably should have told her sooner I needed you
to stay with us for a bit."

*She blinks, blinks, blinks as he threatened to send her to a hotel, she peered backwards
down, then back to him* JUST for that? *really?* it is not that high up, you know?
*and she nodded at the other, sighing a bit* I wish I remember then...*then a blink* she
doens't know I'm here?!

"Not telling you to get down, but if you fall, you'll scare every person living in a floor
below us who sees a body falling in front of their balcony. I don't need the cops called on
us." Giving her a more serious look. "Simple rule. You can't follow it, you can't stay here."
There was a bit of a shrug. "She does now."

*She looked again at him, then back down, as she... well basically moves to pass a leg
over the balcony, is not a defying gesture, just... well very-like-her, slightly careless way
to look down better* bodies don't go down wooping....*there is a little shrug, as she let her
eyes stay down off... odd, she somehow did not doubt he'll let her in a hotel and just leave
her there never to come back, it.... kind of fell like a brick weighting in her chest, yet it
also made her really angry at him... she frowned a bit, half nodding to his last words...
well maybe it was a moth point... she might get angry and tell him to find her another
place... she kept staring down, trying to process that thought, and the feeling it came with*

He actually didn't say anything about her moving a leg over. The boundaries had been set
and he didn't modify it or tell her to get down.

He went to say something when she went quiet, but his phone buzzed in his pocket
instead. Leaning his back against the railing he retrieved his phone and looked at it with a
smirk. "Ok, rule number two. You aren't allowed to cook. She remembers your cooking."
Letting a chuckle follow.

*There was a slow blink, as she shifted her eyes from below to him* cooking? I know
how to cook? *her voice did seem to have toned down slightly*

"No, you don't. Part of the problem." he looked over at her with a smirk. "Just means take
out and Sam's home made food."

Since he seemed to be following Jack's habit of setting what he considered 'sensible rules'
Incubus was able to slip a text back to Sam without Jack really noticing. Oh, Incubus was
going to love this. "Think I have something for you though."

*uh... she nodded, pursuing her lips* ok *not something that really worried her, cooking...
felt funny to think on that... she let her eyes look back downwards, why did she feel so
suddenly down? another little sigh*

The phone buzzed back pretty quick and Incubus looked at it and it took everything not to
laugh, but he couldn't help the smile. Even inside Diamond had picked up on something
Incubus was doing and distracted Jack with irritating questions. A quick reply was sent
and the phone pocketed.

Noticing the lack of energy, he turned and looked at her. "Thinking about something?"

*she shook her head, and just kinda hopped off the railing onto the balcony proper, not
sure how to deal with the horrible feeling gnagging in her stomach... on a part, right now,
it terrified her that he just left her at a hotel, while another part was really angrilly yelling
at her to do it right then, she shook her head, moving then to look into the house*

Well obviously she wasn't telling the truth. The total lack of energy and willingly jumping
off the ledge in the right direction? For the moment he just followed her towards the
house. "You hungry? They have a pizza place nearby."

*uh... a nod, pursuing her lips, how LONG ago did she eat pizza, felt like ages suddenly*
you don't cook?

Leading her inside he closed the glass door behind them and locked it so people from the
outside couldn't get in. Who would get in? He didn't know, but he locked it anyways. "I
used to more when I was still, what you called, broken. Was afraid someone might poison
my food if I didn't make it myself. Would go days without eating sometimes."

*she blinks, blinks, perking to stare at him... that.... actually made sense in her head* but
you don't now, right?

There was a bit of a shrug. "Go days without eating?" He shook his head. "No. Sam
wouldn't let me."

*she pffts* you shouldn't because is bad for you, not because you are not allowed *a huff
and she poked him*

There was a bit of a smirk at that. "Sometimes I need people to remind me of that."

*she huffed at him* you have got to keep them close for that, you know? *she stuck her
tongue out at him* SO are we going for the pizza or asking for it

Looking about the place, it was comfortable. It was safe. Talking about the memories
made him want to stay and make a pizza by hand and not by some stranger that could...
Damn IT Jack...

"Let's go out. There's a place down the street that cooks it in a fire oven."

*She nodded, though she did move to pick up the bags she had left by the entrance and put
them next to the ones he had left by a door, before coming back over* okay... can I drive?

There was a bit of a look at that. "What do you plan on driving? We're walking." Shaking
his head with a smirk and making sure she was ready before leaving with her.

*she huffs, following him on, oh right he HAD said couple streets, oh well* fine

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