Metamorphosis (samandriel mood)

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Metamorphosis (samandriel mood)

Post by fairfolk » Thu Jul 26, 2018 4:15 am


She had had a dream, a terrible dream and with her association with her house she knew it could potentially be true. The crack in her mind that she could feel like a broken tooth that one would run their tongue against made her realize that she needed to do something, and giving Orion the glamour daily to keep him enchanted was draining her.

So she had woken up and chose NOT to leave that glamour where he would pick it up and re-enchant himself. She had collected Boots and left the house.

She dropped the teen pooka off where Joseph could pick her up, and explained she was not to go back to Orions house. She explained to the Pookla that she would give her more information after she spoke to someone who could help her, and extracted a promise from the little cat. One, that the dreaming would back up if she broke it.

A hour later, she found herself in the Citadel on the Aesin floor and sitting across from Astrid, a woman known to be powerful in the art of Naming and she had asked her, to find her true name to see if she could help with what was going on.

Skald Astrid Bjornsdottier

Astrid watched the runes in the flames as the letters made themselves known, and as she put together what Samandriel was her eyes widened slightly, she looked up at the other woman. "You are neither Sidhe nor Elemental, in truth you are not even Kithan. You are a Queen...and a warrior...and not from...Samandriel. You are misplaced and under threat of something ELSE coming through to this realm and you will no longer be. But I think you know that, what do you wish me to do?"

Samandriel sat back and asked "What is my true name?"

The aesin smiled a bit and spoke her name, it boiled on her tongue like liqud fire and made her have to take a long drink of her honey ale. She set it aside and waited.

The fire fae sat back and considered "Can you prevent the others from coming through?'

The viking woman nodded slowly "It would change you. It would change everything about you. It might change how you feel about that Human" She said the word like a curse "But you would not have that threat over your head and you would be a Kithian"

Samandriel chewed her lower lip "Let me get a message to the Duchess about him first, and ..Yes. I think everyone would be safer. Him included"

The Seer half smiled "A Fionas heart is always broken in the end....very well, let us get the transformation done"

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