The Mists lifted [Orion]

Against a backdrop of jaw dropping scenery, the waterfront is all about the walk-able fun: there are quirky shops, seafood eateries (of course) and the iconic express. This room encompasses Elliots Oyster House, Ye old Curiosity shop, Seattle Great Wheel, Washington state Ferries, Argosy Cruises and Wings over Washington.
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The Mists lifted [Orion]

Post by fairfolk » Thu Jul 26, 2018 8:13 am

Light peaked through the shades and fell across the bed waking Orion up from a long dream. As his eyes fluttered open he tried to grasp the smokey tendrils of the dream, feeling it had been something important. But it was of no use and would be shoved back into nothing as he got up to ready for the day.

He would not remember the last few weeks/Months that he had been enchanted, and while that would drive him mad he felt something missing deep within never to be grasped again.

Whatever the last thing he remembered before being taken to the freehold to have his memories removed is all he remembers. A few months have past clearly. These are memories he will -NOT- be able to get back unless someone enchants him again. I am waving the amount of time that he would actually sleep off so that you can play should you so choose.

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