Battle Scars [@ old Chantry; Jesse Mood]

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Battle Scars [@ old Chantry; Jesse Mood]

Post by fairfolk » Mon Sep 03, 2018 10:06 am

Jesse "lockdown' Wisse
Burning Aura| Danger Sense | Iron Will| Inner Strength | Physically Impressive | insensate to pain | Scarred | echoes

She had fled the Waystation, destroyed her phone, sent through the ether prime charges to get rid of any spirits and then ditched the vehicle miles before she had gotten here and now she found herself curled up in a corner of the fallen chantry, her knees to chest and her wrists arms crossed. She could feel the curtain of her hair framing her face but it was wet from the sweat of either running here or the panic that had just started to subside. It was like she could remember what had happen in a daze, perhaps almost like a dream like state. No, it was best to explain it as if she had taken a seat in the theater of her mind and her body took over, ran and now she was here.

She breathed out and reached up running her fingers over her mouth. She had been in the Waystation for a while so maybe she had just gone stir crazy, but the conversation had triggered something deep in her

She reached out and pulled a long blade of grass: Hazel eyes looked around the ruins as her fingers twisted that blade around and round. Her eyes closed as she went still. She could hear the sound of a infants cries and it had came after the feel of having a good chunk of her shoulder muscle bitten out. The two incidences had mixed in one nightmare that seemed to never end.

She softly spoke

Rising rivers
Drown new shoots
Words and breath
In death cahoots
The strong survive
To wean more brutes
Who grow and seed
Extend their roots
Cowards, bombs
And scab recruits
Like monkeys trapped
In monkey suits

She let out a sigh and shook her head. She covered her scars, she didn't like her scars. She didn't feel that treating them irreverently like trophies was okay. She had been trying to accept them, to allow them to be visible. Hell with Hudson she had been more comfortable in her why now did this trigger her in such a fashion?

He had once said that she was oddly well adjusted for someone who had gone through what she had but ..exposing herself to show her scars was like reliving the incident that caused them. So perhaps the fact she had found the vivid descriptions and tale told to the other kin without reverence or regard to the other who had been there to much as it...made the scars in her thigh, and in her shoulder burn. Had brought the memory of salivating fangs descending upon her again and other memories that she shoved aside as she tried to process this.

Perhaps that was it.

Perhaps she simply had not had the chance to process it before it had been treated as a exhibition, a show or a way to flirt and it felt like that had happen at her expense. She was not amused about it, in fact she was down right, she couldn't lie to herself. She wasn't pissed about it. It had caused her to panic and remember, to see , and hear and smell everything that had happen. What she was, she realized, was damaged. Again.

She breathed in and searched for the moon: Perhaps she had finally found her threshold and simply could not coexist with these werewolves no matter how much she liked Alexander. She had no idea if she should, or more importantly COULD go back to that.

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Re: Battle Scars [@ old Chantry; Jesse Mood]

Post by fairfolk » Wed Sep 05, 2018 7:18 am

Jesse "lockdown' Wisse
Burning Aura| Danger Sense | Iron Will| Inner Strength | Physically Impressive | insensate to pain | Scarred | echoes
She had sat like that until her legs started to cramp and the first rays of light pierced the horizon. She rose slowly, still not all there and walked the grounds that remained of the former chantry.

The cool morning air made the hair on her body rise to try to warm herself and she could see a bit of breath as she exhaled, but she thought nothing of it. Her mind was trying to lead her some where, some where safe. Safe from herself and anything external.

Finally she found the collapsed building and reached down, with a hand she flipped over a rock that would be hard for most people to move and did just that. As she did it opened a path into the ruins.

Carefully she stepped in, and down.

The chantry had pockets in it. Places still intact fully and while she was not haunting the halls of the chantry she ventured deeper into the old chapel that had been on the grounds.

She moved deeper, looking for the path ways that lead below ground until she found what she was looking for. A inner chapel that the Choir had used as a ritual room. She walked carefully to the fallen symbol of the one and sat down in a Indian position her hands moving to rest in her lap and her head bowed.

She felt the presence here: It wasn't like Angelus church in the city. Not as oppressive but none the less powerful. She took a deep breath in and out, letting it slow her heart rate and softly at first she began to sing.

Right now I have a prayer deep with in my heart. A prayer for each of you there is a special part. That you remember who you are and Him who lives above. Please seek for Him and live His way; You’ll feel His love

It wasnt so powerful at the moment, more confused and seeking. She was feeling along her will to see where the break had happened. Her hands moved from where they lay and slid up long the scars of her arm, pushing the fabric back. There where times she wanted to know why these things happened to her. Have faith, she might tell herself. Or even mother had. Have faith. She was mighty. His angels where of two worlds, one wing powerful and shielding those he chose the other dipped in blood at his command.

Her voice rose, a little more powerful

Walk tall, you’re a daughter, a child of God. Be strong please remember who you are.Try to understand, You’re part of His great plan. He’s closer than you know ..Reach up, he’ll take your hand.

She leaned back, her hazel eyes changing to a diamond blue a shadow of wings rising. Her spine was straight as she sat in the indian position looking at the symbol of the one. Memory, passed before her eyes. Garrett, Megs...Glorianna...Hudson..her pack, snow and doomstrike, Alex and Marcus. Bishop. She suddenly felt claw marks in her leg, bite marks in her shoulder.

She rose now, to her full height. The Nephlim let her hands move out to her sides as she continued to sing finding strength in the song of love and truth.

Long before the time you can remember, Our Father held you in His arms so tender, Those loving arms released you as He sent you down to earth.He said, “My child, I love you. Don’t forget your great worth”

This life on earth we knew would not be easy. At times we lose our way , His path we may not see. But please remember always- please-that you are not alone. He’ll take your hand. He loves you! He will guide you home

By the time she was done there where tears in her eyes. The halo around her had fully formed and suddenly fell. The shadow wings disappeared and her eyes once more hazel.

While it was nice to know that she was part of the Ones great plan, she had to wonder what that plan was exactly. She would have to put more thought into all this, the truth was she had barely ..if at all..accepted anything. Not her being here, not her place here. She had run from her people to be with those who felt familiar. And yet, they reached deep to a place she hid and she was not sure she could stand for that.

Her scars where her shield not her talking point. And she wasnt sure she wanted to change that, to much armor to try to remove. She took a step closer to the Ones symbol and sat down, resting there to try to think. Perhaps she would be given divine direction while she sat and considered her new place in the world.

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