Curio Shop (Attn: Jocelyn)

Head to this artsy, waterside enclave to snap a selfie with the iconic Fremont Troll and to enjoy the neighborhoods delicious offerings and free spirited charm. This room encompasses Meni Dumpling Tzar, Pacific Inn Pub, HA! , Fremont Sunday Market, Show Poney, Fremond Brewing, MiiR, Fremont Abby, Norms, Browers Cafe, and George & the dragon Pub
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Curio Shop (Attn: Jocelyn)

Post by Nickpire » Sat Sep 15, 2018 3:58 pm

Penny the Wise | Homid Form | Blood 10/10 | Gnosis 6/6 | Willpower 7/7 | Renown: Cunning 1, Obedience 3, Wisdom 1 | Active Gifts: Balance, Patience of Ananasa, Resist Toxin | Notable Merits: Double-Jointed, Sex Appeal

Daniel had suggested Penny network more; a suggestion that was more instruction than helpful idea. Her mentor was intelligent and Penny respected him a great deal, so it was an easy suggestion to follow through on. The young woman was still learning every day, still making greater connections of logic and intuition through the Great Web. Daniel had given her a name and a location though it wasn't a particular secret to those who were 'family'. In the end, it boiled down to Daniel was of a higher rank than Penny and she had no reason to refuse his command. To do so would be to tempt Ananasa's wrath and the young Damhàn was certainly not going to do that. Her initial tutelage had shown her the price some paid for such defiance.

Even a number of years after the Metamorphosis, the human form felt... unbalanced. Penny knew this was a trick of her mind rather than reality as her Gifts imbued her with a near perfect sense of gravity and her relation to it. It was more the function of walking on only two legs. Of seeing the world from a human point of view instead of one so close to the ground. Most people thrust into such an odd dichotomy and difference of perspective might have gone insane. To one of the Damhàn it was a curiosity. Something to be studied.

She found the shop with only minor difficulty. She could read and write but some of the human language symbols still gave her pause. Results mattered in the end. Penny was showing up somewhat unannounced but it was also in a more neutral capacity. She wasn't intruding into the other woman's Sylie, which would almost certainly mean a fight to the death. Penny knew she would certainly try to devour any Damhàn who broke into her sanctuary. Still... it was best to be cautious. Cannibalistic monsters weren't something to ever tread lightly with.

Penny stepped inside and looked around.
"Trust your gut before your head gets in the way". -Joe Miller

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