The state of Seattle and how we are fixing it

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The state of Seattle and how we are fixing it

Post by fairfolk » Sat Oct 27, 2018 6:23 am

After speaking to Fox, I have explained that Ive seen the most player activity on werewolf as well as the least storyteller activity. Unfortunately life has sorta hit both of us and made things difficult to run.

There was a time that running a lot would not phase me but we are no longer at that time, to much going on in real life, and to much BS OOC, as well as lack of people following story threads (gets frustrating) Ive decided that I am closing all systems save werewolf on this site.

There has only been activity with players in werewolf for a while now, so we are going to focus on that. I'll be helping Fox run it, along with Gatecrash (as much as he wants to put into it at anyrate. No pressure) that way we can get the site healthier.

We likely will be a play at will site for werewolf, basically ..whenever storytellers feel like it or you do. So, not always on here.

So, Mage, Vampire, and Changeling are no longer on site, until either we get system admins for them or until I feel like its worth picking them back up. If your characters are tied to the werewolf game your free to play them just let me and fox know. IF you want to continue playing anything we have done without a system admin ..we can talk. Though I doubt very seriously Ill pick mage, vampire or changeling up again any time soon. I just dont have the fortitude for it both in brain power or creativity for it right now.

Hope that isnt too upsetting but its for the best.

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