Saimhain kisses [All Wolf/Kin]

Located in the heart of Mount Baker-Snoqualmi National Forest, this caern serves as the center of the local Garou population.
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Saimhain kisses [All Wolf/Kin]

Post by fairfolk » Thu Nov 01, 2018 4:32 am

It was not uncommon for the Children of Danu to host celebrations for the esabbats, after all it was her decree that her children should follow. So the invitation was not all that uncommon for most that make the Sept of the Emerald heart their home..or really the Waystion. Due to the nature of this particular esabbat the invitations came with instructions so all where prepared.

Upon the door of each porch, after a knock and run (The Ragabash was probably in plain view) two pumpkins where left, a large one whole and a small Halloween painted one. The small painted one had a letter written and tied to its vine.

We approach the final harvest before the dark season, when the viel is thin and ghosts and goblins walk among us. You are invited to observe and part take in a silent supper and ritual, then trick or treat for the little ones!

Silent Bansidhe
Alpha of Danu's Children

The message went onto detail that when they arrive at dusk they are to be dressed in costume and be silent. They would be silent through out the whole dinner as this was a ritualistic dinner that honored the ancestors before them. They where to come with a bit of paper that had some trait or habit they wanted to release as that would be burned in a cauldron at the end of the silent supper. And then, they where to take their little ones trick or treating: After that well there was always Fianna brew, singing and dancing.

To Dorian there was a little side note my apologies, I have been unable to play the good neighbor as I have been busy. Hope to meet you at the Celebration. ~S.B aka Chavali

On the day in question they would wake up to a good bit of Halloween decoration on their houses along with large bowls filled with candy on their porches. The long tables where set up in the back where the clearing was. The tables where placed almost circular with a bonfire that had a cauldron boiling and bubbling with something that smelled sweet in it. Anyone who investigated it further would find that it was hot cider, with floating apples and cinnamon sticks in it.

And the clearing was deathly silent.

[This is the start to something major. All characters are invited. Please, get with me or fox and explain WHY you would not be there for this. Trust me, you might wanna be here for this]

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Re: Saimhain kisses [All Wolf/Kin]

Post by fairfolk » Thu Nov 01, 2018 5:05 am

Chavali 'Silent BaneSidhe' Taylor
Enchanting Voice| Danu Blessed| Kinian blooded | Pure Breed 3
The Fianna woman was very striking, her looks where eitheral even on a bad day for her but as the shadows from the cauldrons fire flickered across her face , she screamed other worldly. Her red silk like hair flowed down her shoulders and back, pulled at the side in warriors braids that showed the two rather pointed ears. She was not in glabro: This was simply what she looked like. Her normally green eyes where golden as the sun started to lower.

What most didn't know was that she, like her mate where going through a seasonal change. They where going from the light half of the year, to the fae known as Seelie, to the darker half of the year: Unseelie and the fire reflected that internal change in her eyes and they where full of mischief. Plump lips smiled but said nothing as the other Garou and kin arrived.

She was dressed in a simple cream dress with a silver cloak that had celtic knots embroidered around the boarder. Around her slender throat was a torque.

Aspasia "Adrestia-mnemosyne" Vicardus"
Pure Breed 3 | Ambidextrous| Perfect Balance| Animal magnetism|Eidetic memory| Enchanting Voice| Acute senses
The amazon simply went as that, a amazon. Suprise? Not really.
She showed up on silent feet as requested. Despite the fact this was not her thing she thought it might be fun and good to socialize once the observance was over. She also admittedly was looking forward to seeing all the children dressed up and having fun.

She loved that, and one day she knew she would be the mother of a daughter, until then she had to live vicariously through others.

Jesse "lockdown' Wisse
Burning Aura| Danger Sense | Iron Will| Inner Strength | Physically Impressive | insensate to pain | Scarred | echoes
There where times she felt out of place among the Garou, when they did this pagan stuff it was one of those times. However, she had a keen interest in learning and thought it would be good for Mason to trick or treat, that way he didnt miss out because of whatever was done to him by the Tech group. She showed up in a white taberd with a red cross on it, a crusader.

And Mason, well Mason was dressed as a Knight as well. Though he wore a silver outfit that gave the impression of armor.

Misha 'Mends the Rift' Petrinko
Pure Breed 5

He had decided to come because his daughter needed to be out and ..really he was always curious about the Packs antics. Sometimes they where even fun. The large russian moved along the cabins with a little one year old dressed in a white unicorn costume. He himself simply had a painted skull on his face like you would find on a Vudon, and wore a black hat with bones along its top. Otherwise he was in his jeans and a white shirt as per usual.

Even in such garb, who he was and the sheer amount of breeding was incredibly hard to miss. He had a quiet, but powerful presence.

Iona "Frost Bite" Nergalsdottier
Spirit Heritage 5| Pure Breed 4 | Fair Glabro |
She had sent for John of course, mostly because she wanted to see how he handled such a situation. Bored probably.
She did dress, because why not? She was dressed in white with a silver breast plate, white fur boots and white fur cloak: A silver circlet on her head and if asked she would smirk and turn her wrist over to show the valkerie symbol. She did have a fairly real looking klave hammer on her belt.

Come to think of it, her clothing looked simply realistic. Her hair was snow white and she was tall, very tall. There seemed to be a bit of intensity there that seemed to border creepy once you noticed that frost gathered where she lingered too long. And the air around her was a lot colder.

blue eyes that could make ice jealous looked around, and over the crowd for the new person she had just been informed arrived not to long ago.

Adana 'MeltDown' McBrenna
Pure Breed 3 *Fianna* | Renown : Glory | Gall |
Oh there was no way this Irish Lass was going to be left out of THIS part, she had even badgered Dead Eye to bring up a few kegs (by badgered we mean pouting and paying him) of fianna brew. Which, if she thought about it she knew was probably already handled.

She was a short little fire cracker, with dark hair and dark whiskey colored eyes. She was dressed a pair of jeans and knee high boots with a warm shirt, when she smiled fangs where flashed.

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Re: Saimhain kisses [All Wolf/Kin]

Post by Nickpire » Thu Nov 01, 2018 10:20 pm

Dorian "Chain-Breaker" Graves | Current Form: Homid | Rage 6/6 | Gnosis 5/6 | Willpower 6/6 | Active Gifts: Smell of Man | Animal Magnetism, Pure-Breed 2, Appearance 3 | Fetish: Truth Earring | Renown: Glory 3, Honor 1, Wisdom 1 | Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish | Armed (Knife)
Dorian had been surprised at the invitation even as he'd seen the back side of the woman who'd left it running off towards another cabin. He'd read the note and looked the pumpkins over. Another new ally, maybe. Everyone here was so polite and Dorian kept waiting for the facade to be peeled away. Abraham Lincoln had once said something about finding the worst in people if that was all one sought but the Ahroun was having a hard time leaving the past where it belonged some nights.

There was no way Natalie would be silent through an entire event like this and he didn't want to set either of them up for failure. That day, he spoke with the Den Father about childcare for the infant. It would behoove Dorian to be there even if he had forgotten it was Halloween. Natalie was too young to trick or treat anyway but he didn't mind keeping an eye on the Sept grounds so the others could spend time with their families. For him, having a spare moment to himself would be better than any party.

Having a costume was problematic but he adjusted and made do. A bit of paint and borrowed makeup had his face done up like a skeleton's. He wore a hoodie with said hood up, a makeshift grim reaper of sorts. Poor man's outfit but he didn't want to dishonor the ceremony by attending without some form of costume. He had his knife in a thigh sheath but no other weapons and Dorian stuck to his homid form in favor of glabro.

He was one of the earlier arrivals and both Aspasia and Jesse were given polite nods as he knew them. So too was the host given one, her pointed ears a curiosity but nothing he was overly worried about. He didn't know the others present but made note of their breeding, who they congregated with, whatever information he could glean. He definitely saw the frost giantess giving him the eye. Dorian was more nervous about being at a Sept event than anything else. True to form, he held his silence per instructions and tried to walk quietly as well.
"Trust your gut before your head gets in the way". -Joe Miller

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Re: Saimhain kisses [All Wolf/Kin]

Post by Elsa » Sat Nov 03, 2018 1:48 am

*She had seen the pumpkin and turned it around, and overall... gotten rather really excited! she had gone to see which other of the cubs were going to go! And then pestered Michael for a quick trip to town to get costumes! because... well it had been AGES and it seemed like something to do!

So the girl ... if the costume-trip had happened, would sport makeup and a white-blonde wig, and overalls and all the trickery items to make a skeleton princess disguise, if not, she'll improvise one with whatever she could find in the cabin!

and so the cub, moved quietly to the gathering, looking intently around.

*Aria would try to convince Sy to come, but given Sy was lately just on his own stuff and she rarely knew where he was at... she just went. She would have made herself a Viking disguise, all furs, and wooden carved decorations, which were painted to make it more realistic, and that is how she arrived, making sure not to make a sound as she approached the silent dinner. *

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Re: Saimhain kisses [All Wolf/Kin]

Post by Gatecrash » Sat Nov 03, 2018 6:50 pm

John Whitten
Get of Fenris Kinfolk | Stats | Flaws | Notable Merits
Being back under the trees again, that had been most of what I'd needed. Of course, it had to be the reason why Misha selected that particular punishment, but it was over now. Heart was where the home was, and while I'd spent little time in the camp itself when not at home, this patch of the forest would always been my home. Iona's summons, on the other hand, had been near perfectly timed, reaching me just as I'd been getting ready to set out for another trek; festivities wouldn't do much for me and the waning moon should've been a good refresher for low-light activity. Yeah, I spent a lot of time preparing and sharpening skills; some ingrained habits were rather hard to break. Thank Harper for the life-lessons, I suppose.

Indecision nipped as I shouldered the backpack, however, all too ready to ignore all of the invitations and head out anyways because, well, I could. What would they do? Banish me again? With a shake of the head, I set the bag down, sighing as I checked to make sure everything was still where it needed to be. It would look bad enough ignoring, and with Iona's recent efforts? Yeah, I shouldn't really ignore that invitation. Damnit.

Turning up the collar on my coat a little to ward off any weather, I stepped to her cabin, careful to keep an eye out any telltale sign of the tall woman and then towards the gathering itself afterwards. No, it couldn't last too long, but perhaps my mind would be changed about these kinds of events in the future?

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Re: Saimhain kisses [All Wolf/Kin]

Post by QuicksilverFox85 » Sun Nov 04, 2018 1:49 am

For the cubs, the Den Father would have allowed for a venture into town to get costumes put together, using it as a teaching moment as well to introduce them to some of the more urban spirits that they would have to deal with as time went on. The Theurge himself was not at the gathering, however, as he was assisting with wrangling the sept's metis children; the cubs were expected to be on their best behavior, naturally...

As Adana expected, the issues of drink had already been handled by Deadeye and the other Fianna, what with Samhain being the holiday that it was for the tribe.

Almost to a one, barring those that had drawn the somewhat-shot straw of patrolling the bawn or handling other duties like tending to the children unable to attend, the sept arrived at the clearing for the gathering. The costumes ranged from the simple - masks or a spot of make-up with normal clothing - to the ornate, each with their offering to the flame in hand or on their person.

Joseph Taylor
Appearance 5 (All-American) | Title 2 | Pure Breed 1 | Unseelie: Beast | Danger Sense | Nightmare: 6/10 | Imbalance: 1/5
Joseph stood beside his mate as the others arrived at the clearing, dressed in an outfit of similar style done in greys and blacks to both compliment and act as a contrast to the Ragabash. The force of presence that surrounded the Kin was present as always but much as with Vali the feel of it was different, more feral and self-assured.

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Re: Saimhain kisses [All Wolf/Kin]

Post by Skye » Sun Nov 04, 2018 12:45 pm

Anneliese Gehrant - Get of Fenris kinfolk
Purebreed 3 - Charisma 3
Willpower 6 - Gall
Anneliese approached the dinner on her own, looking at those arriving. She'd kept her nose down recently, very consciously avoiding hearing or participating in idle gossip. Now, though, she was watchful and confident. She wore a dress in a deep purple velvet with layered white and black organza that is over her face and braided into her dark hair to secure it, the remaining soft curls falling down her back. Red eyeshadow and lips lend a ghost like, ominous quality since she's also made her skin more pale.

She smiles a bit at Chavali and Joseph, greeting them silently with a nod. She nods deeply to Misha, respectful. Her expression softens as she approaches him and she rests her hand on the baby, brushing a finger lightly down her nose.
She may not be the baby's caretaker, but she is with Evony when she can be and certainly plays with the girl, though she carefully avoids taking responsibility from her cousin. She notes the others and smiles at Jesse, raising her hand to her. She notices Dorian and acknowledges him respectfully. She remains silent and settles near Iona, gaining her attention and gesturing toward John when he first goes to their cabin. When dinner is served, she adjusts the veils to show her lips so she can eat more easily.

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Re: Saimhain kisses [All Wolf/Kin]

Post by Jakondite » Sun Nov 04, 2018 6:45 pm

Sylvester had been busy pretty much with Awakened Matters for most of the time, which meant that - unless the wolves specifically requested otherwise - he'd not been at the Sept as often as he used to be. Still, today was a day of celebration and a day in which the veil was thinner - enough cultures agreed on that to make it true. As a Shaman, it was one of his duties to be here - with his people. The werewolves could, of course, handle spiritual matters on their side, but that didn't change the fact of his attendence. He dressed up, his mask that of an icy wolf with eyes that covered his own - shamanic in it's design, because it was a mask that was imbued with real power.

Willow was there with her daughter - there is a slight distrust there because the Daughter is a Metis, and that distrust is tempered with the fact that for the most part, the Fianna of this Sept had played nice with her and not caused problems on that front; Maybe that was why they were there to begin with - Her daughter, wanting to do something Halloween related like 'normal' folks. Not that they'd ever be Normal.

Nikolai would be with Misha and his Niece, dressed in white as well. If anyone asked, he'd tell them he was Lucifer from supernatural and leave it at that - even included a little Red Rose and - rather than wings - the imprint of wings on the back of the suit.

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Re: Saimhain kisses [All Wolf/Kin]

Post by fairfolk » Tue Nov 06, 2018 6:59 am

As each Garou and Kin showed up, Silent Bansidhe offered a little smile and a nod. Once wall where there, she motioned towards the table and still silent, moved around to her seat and sat down. She pulled a nap kin over her lap and Fianna kin brought the food to the table, before sitting.

There was a lot of fruit, vegetables and grains. Harvest foods.
But there was also a lot of meat, Roast pig, chickens, ducks and some beef.

Before the hosts of the ritual ate, Silent Bansidhe (Chavali) stood and went over to the table that was vacant but plated, and served them. Then moving back to the table she sat, picked a fork up and took a bit, singling that everyone could eat.

Once the feast was consumed, the Fianna stood and went back to the bon fire. She turned and motioned for them to follow suit. One by one, the garou stepped forward and dropped their paper, those things they wanted to release into the fire. At the end of the ceremony the fire lifted flame like wings into the skye for a brief moment.

The world seemed at ease, and a peace fell into each of them, a glimmering flicker of peace that was so often denied to those of Gaias chosen warriors.

Silent Bansidhe smiled and turned to the sept, "Go take your littles trick or treating, once they are done bring them back here and we can enjoy music and ..." But her words where cut off and her features twisted into something unknown for a flicker of a heart beat.

A moment later that unknown became a gut twisting sickening feeling as something was ripped free of them all. Reeling, nauseated,perhaps some would recognize the death-knell of Eagle's abrupt demise.

Green fire flies lifted in the distance, only to be recognized as green arrows of light: they sought the gaia spirits in the area, killing them with agonizing death cries. The opposite of Bane Arrows seeking their opposites and shredding their essence and form.

Thunder was heard in the distance, and the ground rumbled and moved.

Through the trees and bushes burst a herd of skull pigs the size of a sheltand ponies but a 1000 times more deadly. A quick count gave them a few short of two dozen, as their hooves hit the grass taint spread, and running along with them was a ivy plant: Kutzu. The bane spirit taken form and wove its way through earth and land intent on devouring all in its path.

The entire sept was in its path.

Its people in the clearing with the cabins to their backs..

A quick eye might pick up that a few of the skull pigs had something tied to them, dragging behind them...but that answer did not come as as the heads of those who had been on duty where shot through the air, landing at the feet of the sept members. A sharp eye would realize some of those beasts where dragging the remains that those heads belonged to.

A dark cloud of smoke slowly crept behind the skull pigs and the Kutzu...and man size shadows moved in the dark smokey trees as if holding back for the moment.

Misha thrust his daughter into the first kins arms he could find, and gave a simple command "Galliards link everyone" a quick mental order went down his packs line to his brother, telling the galliard to do his best in linking as many as possible so that they could quick coordinate.

Story teller note: I know this is abrupt. My apologies for this but we had a time table and crap happened. I will need you each to insure your information is up.

But what is more is I need to know when you are available because the results of this will not be played out in the forums if it can be helped.

I want this done in a week if possible, two at the most. GateCrash and I will be grabbing folks to run these, the idea is to not script anything.

You can post your initial reactions to this

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Re: Saimhain kisses [All Wolf/Kin]

Post by Nickpire » Tue Nov 06, 2018 7:20 pm

Dorian "Chain-Breaker" Graves | Current Form: Hispo | Rage 5/6 | Gnosis 5/6 | Willpower 6/6 | Active Gifts: Razor Claws, Smell of Man | Animal Magnetism | Pure-Breed 2, Appearance 3 | Fetish: Truth Earring | Renown: Glory 3, Honor 1, Wisdom 1 | Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish | Armed (Knife)
It was odd to feel peaceful but Dorian enjoyed it while he could. The food was good, he was kid free for the night, and he didn't need to make small talk. This was his perfect idea of a party. When the time came to release his paper into the bonfire, he did so. What was written on it was very much his foremost wish for a burden to be rid of and he'd kept it private. Dorian didn't feel particularly lighter as he watched the fire consume it but maybe he would in time.

The rest of the party was about to commence, and he was going to patrol the Sept, when everything went to hell.

The spirits dying, the pigs, the kudzu, the bodies... it was the Amazon all over again. Dorian felt his blood pressure shoot through the roof and he snarled as his body shifted into it's hispo form. His claws scratched against the nearest hard object, Rage seeping through them like blood, leaving the nails elongated and sickle-like. He'd come to Seattle to escape this and now it intruded on his new home. Natalie would be worse than dead if the enemy found her, took her to the Spiral. The kin and children would be worse than dead... no, Dorian resolved, that wasn't going to happen.

Dorian became Chain-Breaker in an instant, standing on the line with the assembled Garou. His jaws ached, his lungs burned, and the chance to finally vent some of his anger on a worthy for was exhilarating. He would grieve the dead later.
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